Sunday, December 25, 2011

She's married!

ohmaigad!! One of my BFFs has just married. I still cannot believe this. How time flies so fast. Our childhood memories pouring inside my head all of a sudden.Owh, sungguh ku tak percaya.Dah kawen kaw minah!
Enough with the chatting.
Here are some of the photos of her blissful day.

me, become the bridesmaid?hahaha..

A little gift for the newly wed.^_^

From left:Erna, Aziera & me

Bridesmaid 1:Wan Iliana..hehe..

Here come the bride

I pray that you'll have a bless full life. I'm so happy for you darling. Do pray for me pulak after this okeh.ahaks! =) 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sweetest silly little things

Yeah, happy mode activated!
Despite all the assignments, tests, quizzes yadda yadda.. I can still smiling..=)
Those memories still vivid in my mind. You know, they say there's always a first time for everything.  Last Monday was the first time I drove far enough that I managed to bring all my group members to Pantai Morib, Banting.ek eleh..Sebab tu je ke nak happy sangat! Tak payah nak gelak sangat okeh.suka ati lah.hahaha..Hey hey, my driving licence da lame competent okeh. Cuma tak pernah try  bawak area Selangor/Shah Alam ni.LoL!Okay2, it's hard for me to explain. But it's just indescribable. The day that I thought was a disaster ended up so perfect that is worth to be remembered.

On our way to Pantai Morib, we were chatting happily,  singing almost every songs played on a radio. Alright, alright..I admit, I was the one who sang most of the songs.Satisfied?haha..=p Here are some of the photos during our Mandarin shooting at Banting.^_^

The casts

konon2 dlm cte ombak rindu: tak abis2 promo ombak rindu nye..udah2 le tu tikah oii..hahaha..
Here come the masterpiece

back to serious face: okay, gotta go peeps.What a hectic week! May peace be upon you..=)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The sudden halt

I was about to clear my desk and finished studying when one of my best friend called me.
She was crying.
She told me something.
Between her mumbled words,I received the news.
The unexpected news.
"Tikah..abah aku dah takde..."
Then, I lost my voice. Fumbled with words. "Innalillah wainnailaihi rajiuun.." My vision blurred.
She is about to get married in two weeks. And now, that her father
has gone..I will never understand her grief.I would have never imagined my state if I lost mine.
But, this Al- Quran verses made me realize:

" Dan setiap umat mempunyai ajal (batas waktu). Apabila ajalnya tiba, mereka tidak dapat meminta
  penundaan atau percepatan sesaat pun"
A note to her,
Be strong my dear,
Allah loves him more..
Let's pray for him.

And the news made me realize...our life is just too short..Today my best friend lost her loved ones.
We'll never know, when is our turn.It might be sooner or later.The question is, are we ready to meet Him?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

:: SaLaM  MaaL HiJrAh 1433H::

Ya Allah, sempena maal hijrah ini Kau berilah kami kekuatan untuk menempuh segala dugaan Mu. Kau berilah kami hidayah untuk menegakkan agama Mu. Kau berilah kami petunjuk supaya kami sentiasa dibawah keredhaan Mu. Kau teguhkanlah iman kami supaya kami sentiasa mengingati Mu. Kau murahkanlah dan berkatilah rezeki kami. Sesungguhnya kami insan yg selalu terleka dalam melakukan amalan Mu. 

Ya Allah, jadikanlah tahun ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Jadikanlah tahun ini lebih bermakna dari sebelumnya. Janganlah Kau duga kami dalam keadaan kami tidak mampu utk memikulnya. Sesungguhnya kami akan bersedia dengan ujian-ujian Mu.
Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Engkau maha pengasih lagi Maha mengasihani. Berkatilah doa kami ini. Amin..

Friday, November 11, 2011

what's with the number?

What's with the number?
Yeah. it's 11/11/11.So, what?
The date brings no significant event to me whatsoever.
No valid purpose of we writing this. I just feel like scribbling something in conjunction of this beautiful date.bwahaha..that's all.
that's all?
yela..tu je nak tulis.

Okay, okay..I do have something to share with you. Nov, 11 2011 falls in the month of Zulhijjah 1432. To be exact 15 of Zulhijjah. It's the time when Muslims who join the pilgrimage in Mecca have finished their duty to perform the Hajj.

In Islam, we do not place any special or important role on numbers. Somehow, the events are regarded as special, not the date. We must be careful not to believe such date is special, gives strength or can make us rich. As it might damage our faith and belief in Islam.

But then again.What's with the number? After all, it is just a number. Nothing extraordinary about that eh. The date has no significance, the event does.=)

~May peace be upon you~

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prank call

Well, hello yall!
Here I am updating my blog once again.hihu..
Today, I might say the weirdest yet funny day ever.
I can't believe my brother set me up for the prank call! (just wait for the payback time)
and it happened just before my class started.
This radio station called me, and..gotcha!!

I am so utterly and extremely embarrassing..I am so surprised that not even one word coming out from my mouth when I've been told the truth. I can't even share with you the details of my conversation with that DJ. It was just humiliating and shockingly hilarious as well. LoL! Enough said. I feel like hiding under my blanket right now.*dizzy*

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Expect the unexpected

Well, to tell you the truth, I hate to share something bad or negative in my blog.Yes, bad is a strong word. Just like the rest of us, I prefer to post something that is pleasant to read. A piece of story that is really inviting and soothing enough to read. Somehow, we have to admit it. Life is certainly not a bed of roses. There will be time when everything goes wrong. Not the way you want it to be. So, the least that I can say. Expect the unexpected.

What do you feel when someone betrayed you? Annoyed, frustrated, upset,mad..? When that someone is supposed to be your role model, your greatest companion, a place for you to share your joy and sorrow turn out to be the one who throws s*** at you.The one that makes you weaker. Miserable.I just want this person to know that, I am so dissapointed with you.Truly I am.

Dear someone,
I respect you.
You're the one who gave me the strength at first.
But now, you start to act in a weird, frantic way though.
Acting like you have no idea what I've been through
With a smirking face and frowns.
You're hurting me.Not once, but too many times.
Your path is so easy darling.
Please forget not the hardship that others have to endure.
Be a little considerate, is just what I'm asking for.
As you're the person that deserve the honour.

Ya Allah, gives me the courage to live this ever challenging world.
May my day filled with your blessings.
Please guide me to the betterment of life.

Thursday, October 27, 2011



Okay, I just caught a flu. Thanks to the extreme whether. Not that I blame the natural climate.'s just me. (sape suruh tak bawak payung dah tau tiap2 petang ujan..) aigoo.. I know, this is just a minor test. Allah loves me. So He wants to test me with a flu. It's just a flu Atikah..Perlu ke nak tulis kat blog?Haha..=p But I pray, it will not be that long. I mean, tell me, who would've stand a stuffy nose..with your mucus keep on coming out. Believe me, tissue will be your best friend at this very moment.Mau makan ubat selesema!hachum(for the tenth times) (*_*)/

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Morning Peeps!


Salam..Good Morning peeps!
Memandangkan aku dah tertido awal malam semalam (pukul 10 okay), memang logik la di kala budak-budak lain yang seangkatan denganku masih erat memeluk selimut, mata aku memang tak boleh nak paksa tido dah.hahaha..=p
So, dengan rajinnya aku membuka laptop di meja study ku.Muahaha.. On9 la derr..=P
This is how I start my day.(I mean to be precise today)

Surfing the internet
* Log on to my FB account of course.Duh!
* Bukak You-tube..Layan pape lagu yang best. (Sing-a-long siap!)
* Baca thestaronline, Kosmo dan yang sewaktu dengannya..

Baru nak bukak video clip bagai2 yang best kat youtube, tetibe.. Access Denied.

Access Denied (policy_denied)

Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL.

Polisi UiTM

For assistance, contact your UiTM network support team.

Your request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as 'Open/Mixed Content;Audio/Video Clips'.
If you wish to question or dispute this result, please click here.

Okay, got it. Dah pukul 8..UiTM dah block youtube.Cehh..Tarappapa.. Tak bagi aku on9 lama2 lah tu. So, aku pun move on pada blog ni la kan.Meluahkan rasa hati.hahaha..(lame-o) Tu je nak citer.LoL!

Okeh, gotta get back to work!
Till we meet again InsyaAllah..

May peace be upon all of us..^_^

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A date with him

Please ignore the attention grabbing title. LoL!=P I know, I know, I'm just overreacting.It's not really a date to tell you the truth. Nothing much, I just met one of my idol, Datuk Dr Syeikh Muszaphar Shukor last morning. Stop it right there.Yes, I just met Malaysia's first astronaut once again.This is my second time. But this time, I can talk to him, get his signature and take a picture with him.Ohmai.. *winking*

A lot of girls, women out there are so happy to be seeing him. Obviously you know the reason without the need of me explaining it here. But for me, he's the guy who fulfilled my childhood dreams..As far as I remember, I'd many dreams when I was a kid.(It's pretty normal right?~ngee) Being a teacher and an astronaut. Ironically, that is in two different fields. I just couldn't tell you how much I love what's on the space. Every time I look at the sky, my mind would circling and keep thinking.Can I go up there and explore it myself? I always a big fan of the stars. I even wished I can have my own telescope someday. So that I can keep gazing at the miraculous stars above.

Datuk Dr Syeikh Muszaphar Shukor somehow has proved that dreams do come true. As long as you believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible. I'm amazed by the fact that he is a doctor, an astronaut, a model and a motivator as well.

Our 'date' is here at Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor, UiTM Shah Alam.. Forgive me for using the 'date' word. Again.haha.. I just couln't help it. I'm so excited..^_^

Patiently queuing up to meet him in person.

Yay! I got his sign! He write, Dear Atikah...Okay okay I made up stories. He just jotted down, Atikah together with his signature. Even by that made me smile from ear to ear..=)

I couldn't believe it myself! Me and him in the same picture.^_^ *blushing*

This is the day worth writing for.*SMILE*

May peace be upon us.

Friday, October 7, 2011

~Teacher Atikah~

I always want to be a teacher. Though the course that I'm taking right now bring me, well not even near to the teaching profession. Somehow, the words that coming out from my friend's mouth startled me.She said " You know what, if you become a teacher, I'm sure you'll be one sporting and likeable teacher ever.You've got the gift in attracting people to listen to what you want to share,"Then, I couldn't hide my expression any longer. Smile spread across my face. Little that she know, I always have the passion to be one great educator.Sometimes, I imagine myself teaching in front of my students. See the happy faces of theirs and they call me "Teacher Atikah".=)

I have a dream-Westlife

For me, it doesn't matter whether you're already one step closer to become a teacher or not, we are our own guider/educator/teacher ourselves. Sooner or later, I'm going to be a teacher for my own kids. I already am a teacher for my dearest siblings.So, I push away any sense of regret. I don't want to question Allah's job. As I know, He has a better plan for me. InsyaAllah..=)

Yesterday I went to a talk called " Embracing Islam as the way of life" It was one inspiring talk. One of the things that keep on repeating inside my head is, " Go spread Islam, you don't have to be a preacher/an ustazah to spread the beauty of Islam.

Regardless of who we are, we can convey the good message about Islam. Let's be a teacher that taught other people towards the betterment of life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Bus Stories

Bee Gees: How deep is your love

Here I am, back in my room at Kolej Melati.
I just reached at 6.30 p.m. It was tiring... The journey took about 3 and a half hour (from Bentong-Shah Alam).
My back hurts.Yeah, I brought my lappy along ( Hoping I will finished the task that I'd been assigned by my lecturer ) tapi, dah nama pun balik rumah..haram tak sentuh pun..tengok2 macam tu je..nak sedapkan hati..haha..

Along the way in the bus, I met a bunch of makcik2 vogue. Foreigners. Hommai! They were talking so loud. Sumpah macam nak pecah gegendang telinga dibuatnya! Not that I understand any single words that they were talking, I find it really disturbing. You see, I was standing just in front of them. Thanks to them, I couldn't barely move my feet. Their stuff were covering the bus floor. Then, they started to take out one by one the things that they bought in front of my eyes. Tabung la, jam tangan,frame, bagai2..hadoila... One of them took out her boyfriend/husband photo. I couldn't help myself to take a sneak peek at it too..Menyibuk je kaw tikah! Dah tu, dah tunjuk depan2 mata, mau tak tengok..hahaha..

Hugh Grant & Halley Bennet :Way back into love

When you're travelling by bus, you'll encounter numerous experiences. Some of it, may make you crave a smile or make you bite your lips (it applies on me when I'm mad)

This video was taken : obviously in a bus. I was annoyed with this one inconsiderate man.Take a look of it.
(sorry: it turns out this video is a silent video.darn it! worries, I'll convert it into another version and upload it once again)

Last week, when I was on my way from my home to KL, I met this old man. He was 75. His wife died 10 years ago. He shared a lot of stories with me. and some good advice too.=) One of it sounds like this: "Nak, walau apa pun yang anak buat, selalu ingat Allah.Jangan lupa mak ayah. Nanti, dah sampai je U, terus inform mak ye,Kami ni bukan nak mintak banyak, cukup dengan anak2 ingat kami"
Atok,I certainly won't forget that very useful words of yours.InsyaAllah..

That's all for now folks! Gotta get back to work.(wat muka serious) (-_-)/
Till then, bubbye!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cerita rombongan adik ( in manglish)

ntah pape je tajuk post.hahaha..
Well, here I am. Sitting in font of the TV, watching House and writing for my blog. Yeah, I am that multitasking-kind- of- a-person.LoL! =P

Nak cerita, pepagi lagi dah bangun. Mau tak nye. Dah kata bas gerak pulk 6.45 pagi.Nak menghantar adik aku yang sorang ni la..pergi rombongan ke Negeri Sembilan. Pukul 5.30 okay, bangun. Tolong gosok baju, tudung, dia bagai2.. Memang semangat adik aku ni. A few months before the actual date, she was already planning, which bag did she wanna bring, how much money that she wanna spent.Sangat2 bersemangat okay. Which brought me back to my childhood memory. Akak dia pun sebenarnya 2x5 je. Kekadang, excited je tak tentu pasal.haha.. Nak2 pulak, rombongan2 ni..memang i suka okay..hehehe..

See, i told ya..tengah gelap gulita lagi time antar dia pagi td. Adik2..Risau kena tinggal bas la..Padahal, kitorang antara yang terawal sampai kot..ahaha..

Okla, setakat ni dulu entry kali ni..daaa..
May Allah bless us.Peace yall!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


While I'm writing this piece of junks,I'm sitting in the library, next to my friend.Yes, I'm back from the long break that I can never say I'm bored even for a day.How I love holiday. The beginning of the semester is just the way I expected it to be.Chaotic and Stressful. I've a mix emotions. Happy,frustrated,puzzled and sad at the same time.I am fully aware that things are going to be different.Way different after this. My schedule is different.I might not having a free time like most of my classmates.

Before I decided to be in this whole absurdness, I did pray. I prayed, that He'll show me the right way. Now that I'm here.I make a vow to myself.I will never ever be negative minded. Maybe being different is not that bad after all.It just need a great length of efforts to be able to endure this whole preposterous day. Part of me pray that time will move so fast that all of these will just vanish into thin air.Without I even realize it.I know, He has a better solution for me. and things do happen for a reason.

The choices

Everyday, we are entitled to make choices. From the simplest thing as choosing the outfit that you want to wear or perhaps a choice that can determine your whole life. Some of us might pick the wrong choices through out their lives. But then, we can never turn our back from making choices.

I pray to Allah:

Never let me go astray
Guide me to the right path
As I know, He knows best.
Ya Allah,
Give me the strength
to fulfill my responsibility
as a good muslim..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raya Posts :: Part 2

Warning:this entry may contain excess weird photos of the owner of the blog. If you're eyes cannot take it, just scroll down this page immediately.LoL..lalala..

Having three professional photographers in my big family, really make me a very enthusiastic person during hari raya.I mean like, when can you where a gorgeous outfit, put some make ups and acted like you're a model.ToT..Precisely! During hari raya la kan..hehehe..

So, here are some of my Not-S0-Model photoshoots

Raya Pics (some with unecessary captions) LoL

The Parit's Team

I know, I know..It's kinda late to post raya pics & stories. I mean, it's the 17 th of Syawal kan..But hey, like I care..haha..I still want to upload it. I've been longing to write anything about raya stuffs like a couple of weeks ago. Knowing that I was too preoccupied with other things, I'd to postponed posting it here.Now that I get the chance to write it, I wait no more..hehehe..

No ordinary familia..hehe

I wasn't expecting anything.You know, when we expect something to be fun and great, sometimes it'll end up bad.You know what I mean. As the last time I went to my kampung, the malam raya was quite boring. Nothing really exciting.There was no pelita, most of my cousins were not there.. So like I said before, I didn't dare to expect anything for this year hari raya.

The Trio
Yadda yadda..I couldn't believe it.This hari raya is awesome!! I'd a great 'malam raya'. We were playing some firecrackers..Yeah, I know it's forbidden. Main sikit2, bole kan.kan..Budak degil, macam ni la.*rolled eyes*. And the first hari raya itself was nice. I went to performed the 'Solat Raya',visited the graveyard, family photos were taken and definitely enjoying every bites of food. The other night, the whole family gathered for some barbeques. Yummy!

My cousin with his daughter.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ma Vids

Baru berpeluang tulis sikit caption video2 yang aku amik ni.hehe..
The first video when I was in Kedah.That's why I was blabbering things in '' Loghat Utara".haha..

Kluaq jalan2 makan angin, sambil nyanyi2..Konon shoot music video raya la..LoL!=P

Nak citer, keseronokan kampung jauh2 ni..Trip balik kampung memang paling terbaik.Nyanyi2 dalam kete siap..Memang happening la orang kata.hee..

Meet Alif..Mula2 nak shoot Alif ni main2 kat sofa.Tup tup..dia buat aksi superman pulak.Nasib Angah sempat sambut.Pheww..

The cute Alif doing the Ballet thing.hehe..

Monday, September 5, 2011


Supposedly, aku nk post momen-momen indah yang sempat aku rakamkan dengan kamera digitalku.Yeah, sangat-sangat berbakti pada aku.Sampaikan.. adik aku cakap: " Ayong sepatutnya beli DSLR la..suka sangat bergamba ngan tangkap gambar".hee..=p Aku cuma mampu tersengih. Kalau duit berkepuk kat poket, memang aku tak pikir panjang dah.Terus je beli.hehe.. Memang banyak mende kalo ikutkan hati nak beli.Videocam baru, DSLR ngan laptop baru.Tapi hanya mampu menyimpan angan-angan. Dalam hati cakap" takpe..takpe..prioritize the priority first kan."

Memandangkan sume gambo-gambo raya yang aku ambik aku save kat dalam laptop adik aku, jawabnya, kena la tunggu dia balik rumah dulu.Baru boleh karang cerita raya yang gempak di kampung terchenta.Sebab tak best la post cerita without photos kan.hehe..hee..=)

Okay, now back to the topic: Tersentuh

Pagi tadi, even aku kepenatan yang sangat-sangat, aku gagahkan diri jugak turun ke Raub. Demi untuk berjumpa teman-teman tercinta..Cewah..puitis tak ayat?haha.. Ha, sambung balik. Pastu, dipendekkan cerita, rumah last yang aku g ialah rumah cikgu yang mengajar aku subjek math time sekolah menengah dulu, Cikgu Halim namanya.

First time aku tengok dia, tersentuh sangat rasa hati. Cikgu Halim jalan pakai tongkat. Kedua-dua mata dia dah tak boleh nampak. Bahasa mudahnya, buta.Yes, blind..Disebabkan penyakit diabetics yang dialaminya. Badan dia pun dah susut.Kesian cikgu.. Tapi, Cikgu Halim, masih seperti dulu.Sporting, still seronok borak-borak dengan dia.Sebab Cikgu Halim ni memang jenis yang kelakar.Masa aku g umah dia tu, aku g dengan wan & bulah.Cikgu Halim siap tanya : "Bulah, macam mana ke rupa budak berdua ni? Maintain kurus, cun macam dulu ke?" tergelak je kitorang.

Masa nak balik dari umah Cikgu Halim, dia berkali-kali ucap terima kasih sebab melawat dia. Aku perasan, ada air mata yang mengalir di celah-celah mata cikgu. Sebak rasanya.Dia mintak kitorang doakan dia sembuh.Katanya, "kalau Allah bagi sembuh sebelah mata pun cukupla. Cikgu dah bersyukur sangat-sangat..Cikgu bernazar nak buat umrah kalau sembuh".

So, jom kita sama-sama doakan Cikgu Halim boleh pulih melihat seperti dulu. Amin..

Sekian dulu post tuk kali ni.May peace be upon all of you.=)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Balik kampong..Ooo..balik kampong..

Well, I'm going to balik kampung soon enough..
I've some kind of mix emotions right now.Excited but quite sad at the same time..
You know, Ramadhan will leave us..But then, we're going to meet Syawal, insyaAllah tomorrow..
Do pray my family and I will have a safe journey.*humming balik kampong song=by Sudirman*
Perak and Kedah..!! Here I come...!!!(^_^)/

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kantoi tak puasa..teehee..

Diam tak diam, dah tinggal 5 hari je lagi umat Islam berpuasa. Memanglah masa tu bergerak cukup pantas. Cerita bab2 puasa ni.Adala 2 kejadian yang aku nak kongsikan.

Kejadian pertama:

Berlaku dalam kereta masa aku satu keluarga baru balik shopping raya kat jusco Wangsa Maju. On the way balik, abah berenti shell isi minyak.Angah pun turun ngan adik.Plan baik punya, suruh adik belikan air kotak ribena.haha..Lepas tu, kitorang berenti kat R&R Genting Sempah tuk solat Asar ngan tunggu waktu berbuka.Eceh..bajet mat salih la kan bukak pose kat McD. LoL. Masa abah kemas2 kereta sebelum masuk McD, Abah jumpa air kotak kosong.Abah siap tanya," Bila masa ayaq kotak tu ada kat dalam kereta?? Hangpa ni..belengaih la kereta.."Angah pulak buat muka kerang busuk dia sengih2..Ha..KANTOI.. TAK PUASA..hahaha..

Kejadian kedua:

Hmm..bajet puasa penuh tahun ni.*sekeh pale sendiri 2 kali* toksah nak merapu la tikah oi..mana la nak boleh cukup pose..ko bukan budak darjah 4 da.. ok, ok..back to the story.Sementelahan aku diberikan keistimewaan untuk tidak berpuasa, aku pun menjalankan satu misi yang aku rasakan sangat sangat sulit.Iaitu merasa semua serba sikit kuih raya .Ditekankan SIKIT je ok..Aku pun sambil kepit kuih raya 2-3 balang, dengan senyuman yang sampai ke telinga pun bawakla kuih2 raya tadi depan TV. Akibat daripada kealpaanku, balang2 kuih raya aku biarkan terdampar depan TV. Tak lama lepas tu, abah balik..abah pun tanya" Pasai pa kuih2 raya ni ada tang ni?" Aku dengan sengih kambingku mengeluarkan satu jawapan yang memang tak rasional."Err.. Tikah saja ja bah kluaqkan kuih2 tu..Nak tengok design kuih mana hat paling lawa.." * rasa nak tujal pale sendiri pun ada time tu* KANTOI..TAK PUASA...Hahaha..

*Moral of the story*

Cover2 lah sikit kalau korang tak puasa..Kalau kantoi, kan dah malu sendiri..=pLagi satu, janganla terang2 makan depan orang yang berpuasa.Yela, walaupun korang time tu tengah 'uzur' kan.Tak baik..Kena la hormat pada orang yang berpuasa.Tak gitu?

(Reminder: message ni hanya untuk orang yang betul2 dibolehkan tak berpuasa la..) Pada yang saje tak puasa, padahal langsung takde sebab yang membolehkan tak berpuasa. Sambil cekak pinggang, ramai2 goyangkan jari telunjuk pada orang2 macam ni cakap "Shame on you" Haila..budak darjah 3 pun bole puasa penuh kan..

oklah, ni je entry kali ni.. Raya, raya jugak..tapi jangan diabaikan baki hari2 terakhir Ramadhan yang tinggal ni ok.Adios..=)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, salam everyone..
Last two days, I went to my old working place, Maybank. I felt very welcomed. My colleagues greeted me like before. We were chatting cheerfully and I had the difficulty to leave as there were just so many things to talk about. hehe..

Meet Kak Nadia

Chan May Wan


And just now,I'd an iftar with them.Awesomeness!! The food is sooo delicious.nasi with:gulai lemak ikan keli, ayam goreng berempah, sotong masam manis, masak lemak pucuk paku, kari ikan, pajeri terung, kobis goreng, ikan goreng tepung..phew penat nak list down semua.hehe.. Dessert dia pulak, ABC, kuih tepung pelita, pulut panggang, bubur kacang..I was so fulled. Full stop.

It is great knowing that they never forget me. I feel appreciated and happy.That's what making me smile broadly.=)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Love, Nora

Tadi, sewaktu alat yang dinamakan 'remote control' berada kat tangan, tak semena-mena tertekan channel astro yang tayangkan cerita ' Love, Nora'.hehehe.. Disebabkan aku rasa latar cerita ni menarik, (ditambah pulak pelakon lelaki dia yang hensem) aku pun terusla melekat depan satu kotak yang kita panggil TV.lalala..=P

Tengok punya tengok, sampai habis cerita ni aku ikut. Movie ni mengisahkan Nora (Yasmin Hani) ngan membernya Shila g bercuti ke Italy. Girls-vacation sebelum si Shila (Yana Shamsudin ) ni menamatkan zaman bujangnya..Sesampai di Italy, dorang terjumpa la sorang mamat Italy, Raoul (Will Quah).Yes, I like him! Ala..yang pengacara 'The Breakfast Show' kat ntv7 tu..Dia jugak DJ, tawu jer kan ko Tikah..haha..

Nak dijadikan cerita, Raoul ni sangat friendly la orangnya..baik hati, sweet..yadda yadda..Aih, mestila, dah dua awek cun tetiba tersesat. Maunya tak nak tolong kan..ahaks! Maka, jatuh chenta la Nora dan Raoul di bumi Italy.* daydreaming~ni yang nak g melancong ni..kot2 terjumpa mamat romeo macam Raoul ni* Tetiba sekeh pale sendiri.Dush2x.Tu cerita je cik tikah oi..

Dipendekkan cerita, maka berkahwin la Nora dan cinta hatinya, Raoul..Mau tak kawin? Sampai KL dicari nya si Nora tu. Nampak la kan kesungguhan dia..Tapi sayang, umur Nora ni tak panjang. Dia ada barah. Jadi, sebelum dia 'pergi' sempatla dia siapkan, email2, dan surat untuk suaminya, Raoul.. Bawah setiap email dia je, mesti dia tulis: Love, Nora.Kiranya, bila dia dah takde nanti, boleh jugak bagi semangat, nasihat pada suami dia yang tersayang tu.Ha..jap2..Perasan tak cerita ni ada kena mengena ngan satu English Movie ni.Yup, that's right! 'P/S I Love You'

Walaupun aku dah tengok versi cerita omputihnya, but still this movie never fails to make me cry.Sobs2.. Pada aku, even the ending is quite predictable. Raoul akhirnya dengan Shila (her ex-wife bestie.Shila pun kebetulan putus tunang), tapi jalan cerita menarik, latar cantik, background songs best, sinematografi pun nice dan pelakon2 dia, memang harus diberi pujian. Kudos to Love, Nora! =)

Di sini jua memori tercipta
Walau seketika terjalin kasih kita
Mungkin di sini kita kan terpisah
Kenangan bersama tiada kulupa
~Memori tercipta, Shiela OIAM~

Aiseh terover cheesy pulak entry aku kali ni..LOL. Kalo klua TV cerita ni, korang harusla tengok.Penat je taw karang review panjang2 kalo korang tak tengok.Hahaha..Oklah, that's all folks! May peace be upon you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A journey to Karangkraf

What an overwhelming experiences I had last Weds! Just two weeks before, I posted an entry to magazine. I love to read this mag as it surely provides me with the latest infos of Muslimah fashion trends. In case, you don't have the clue what is this mag is all about, you can check this out: *winking*

Have I told you that wants to find any potential models for their mag? Hold on.Hold on. Me?Become a model??I know, I know it's way too ridiculous. Despite of the fact that I'm classified as a 'tall' girl among my friends. I also face the problem when people asked me to smile.Yup, smile and revealing my so-not-pretty line of teeth. Hahaha..=p So, you see, that's my major problemo.

To tell ya the truth, I'd never thought I will be called for the test-shoot. I just merely sending the entry form without any concrete purposes. For those who know me, I'm the contest-lover kind of person.Though I do realize the percentage of winning those competitions that I join are very low, but who knows? I might be lucky one day.hehehe..

So, back to the story. It just happened so fast! The next thing I know, me and my beloved angah was at the Karangkraf Building in Seksyen 15, Shah Alam.Yadda, yadda..I was posing for the model search session.(tak menahan)haha.. Here, I want to share some photos through out the day.=)

Thank you Angah! For being my professional manager for that day..hehehe..

Fill in the form before the test-shoot

Before the test-shoot, we do our own photo-shoot lah kan..hee

And..the photo-shoot begins

Is that me??haha..

the best sista evah!

Dayang.I met her that day.Unlike me, this is not her first time doing the photo-shoot for the mag. LoL

It was a fun experience. But I had the feeling, that day will be the first and last time I went to Karangkraf. Haha.. You see, I don't have what it takes to be a model like Tyra Banks.haha.. But knowing the fact that the test-shoot is only held one time per month, and in whole Malaysia, only 15 people are chosen to do the photo-shoot, you can say I lie if I'm not being enthusiast and elated.So, I just enjoying my time. After all, we're not given this kind chances everyday aite?hee..

I guess, I gotta stop now. Rather than spending my time here, I should read the Quran kan. I mean, it's Ramadhan. A holy month that we're waiting for.Till than, may peace be upon you. Happy fasting!=)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Manisnya Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, kita dipertemukan lagi di bulan Ramadhan yang penuh kemuliaan dan keberkatan ini.Syukur dipanjatkan kepada Illahi kerana masih memberi peluang kepada kita untuk merasai nikmat di bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang terkandung 1001 macam kemanisan. Seharusnya, kita manfaatkan bulan ini, kerana siapa sangka, ini mungkin Ramadhan kita yang terakhir..

Bila bercerita perihal bulan Ramadhan ini, memang banyak sangat peristiwa manis yang aku takkan lupakan..Seronok sangat, sebab bulan puasa kali ini, aku berpeluang berpuasa di rumah. Bersama keluarga terchenta..*senyum lebar*Salah satu kelebihan bulan puasa ni, tak lain dan tak bukan, mestilah solat terawehnya kan.. ha..tak lupa jugak tyme bukak puasa.hee..Jadi, aku nak kongsikan beberapa keping gambar yang menggamit memoriku pada bulan Ramadhan yang lepas2 ..=)

Ha..Gambar yang ni, masa 2 tahun lepas.Tyme ni, aku, Kak Lisa n Mukhlis saje jalan2 p Putrajaya. Excited sangat. Meronda Putrajaya di Bulan Ramadhan.Bukak puasa kat depan Masjid Putra ni, pastu,trus Teraweh skali . Sangat2 Awesome!!.*wide grin*

Ni pulak, masa majlis berbuka pose last year.Best! Bebudak laki, T.K memang sporting. Ramai je yang join. Girls pulak, satu effort yang baek, try datang jugak majlis ni.hee..Aku pulak, semangat je sokmo..Even kena gerak dari Bentong pun, aku sanggup..Pastu ada pulak my dearie, Farah Ainaa yang cantek manis ni temankan, so memang seronok la kan.hehe..

Lepas perut dah kenyang, aku n farah terus tuju kat masjid or surau yang berdekatan lah.It's teraweh tyme!!=)

Yang ni, kenangan bukak pose dengan member2 tempat aku kerja dulu-Maybank..(^_^)

So, rakans, jom kita mengimarahkan or memeriahkan lagi bulan Ramadhan kali ni! Pesta ibdah Ramadhan!! Jom kita sama2 baca surat2 cinta..surat cinta??I mean, perutusan dari Allah..Kalam Allah~Al-Quran nur Karim..=) Okay, I've to stop. InsyaAllah, kalau boleh, nak khatamkan Al-Quran tuk Ramadhan ni.(^_^)/

:: Salam Ramadhan 1432H dari Atikah Zainol ::