Thursday, October 27, 2011



Okay, I just caught a flu. Thanks to the extreme whether. Not that I blame the natural climate.'s just me. (sape suruh tak bawak payung dah tau tiap2 petang ujan..) aigoo.. I know, this is just a minor test. Allah loves me. So He wants to test me with a flu. It's just a flu Atikah..Perlu ke nak tulis kat blog?Haha..=p But I pray, it will not be that long. I mean, tell me, who would've stand a stuffy nose..with your mucus keep on coming out. Believe me, tissue will be your best friend at this very moment.Mau makan ubat selesema!hachum(for the tenth times) (*_*)/


  1. Getting worse.Kinda worried to be truth.Kalo makin sakit dalam 2-3 ari lagi, aku gi check kat hospital.Thank you for ur concerned.=)