Friday, November 11, 2011

what's with the number?

What's with the number?
Yeah. it's 11/11/11.So, what?
The date brings no significant event to me whatsoever.
No valid purpose of we writing this. I just feel like scribbling something in conjunction of this beautiful date.bwahaha..that's all.
that's all?
yela..tu je nak tulis.

Okay, okay..I do have something to share with you. Nov, 11 2011 falls in the month of Zulhijjah 1432. To be exact 15 of Zulhijjah. It's the time when Muslims who join the pilgrimage in Mecca have finished their duty to perform the Hajj.

In Islam, we do not place any special or important role on numbers. Somehow, the events are regarded as special, not the date. We must be careful not to believe such date is special, gives strength or can make us rich. As it might damage our faith and belief in Islam.

But then again.What's with the number? After all, it is just a number. Nothing extraordinary about that eh. The date has no significance, the event does.=)

~May peace be upon you~