Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Expect the unexpected

Well, to tell you the truth, I hate to share something bad or negative in my blog.Yes, bad is a strong word. Just like the rest of us, I prefer to post something that is pleasant to read. A piece of story that is really inviting and soothing enough to read. Somehow, we have to admit it. Life is certainly not a bed of roses. There will be time when everything goes wrong. Not the way you want it to be. So, the least that I can say. Expect the unexpected.

What do you feel when someone betrayed you? Annoyed, frustrated, upset,mad..? When that someone is supposed to be your role model, your greatest companion, a place for you to share your joy and sorrow turn out to be the one who throws s*** at you.The one that makes you weaker. Miserable.I just want this person to know that, I am so dissapointed with you.Truly I am.

Dear someone,
I respect you.
You're the one who gave me the strength at first.
But now, you start to act in a weird, frantic way though.
Acting like you have no idea what I've been through
With a smirking face and frowns.
You're hurting me.Not once, but too many times.
Your path is so easy darling.
Please forget not the hardship that others have to endure.
Be a little considerate, is just what I'm asking for.
As you're the person that deserve the honour.

Ya Allah, gives me the courage to live this ever challenging world.
May my day filled with your blessings.
Please guide me to the betterment of life.


  1. ryzal:nope, u have no idea who this is.But it's certainly not you.
    zaty:it's not you babe.Dun worry.

    p/s:darlings do pray for me.Pray that I can deal with this problemo.May Allah bless us.=)