Thursday, December 1, 2011

The sudden halt

I was about to clear my desk and finished studying when one of my best friend called me.
She was crying.
She told me something.
Between her mumbled words,I received the news.
The unexpected news.
"Tikah..abah aku dah takde..."
Then, I lost my voice. Fumbled with words. "Innalillah wainnailaihi rajiuun.." My vision blurred.
She is about to get married in two weeks. And now, that her father
has gone..I will never understand her grief.I would have never imagined my state if I lost mine.
But, this Al- Quran verses made me realize:

" Dan setiap umat mempunyai ajal (batas waktu). Apabila ajalnya tiba, mereka tidak dapat meminta
  penundaan atau percepatan sesaat pun"
A note to her,
Be strong my dear,
Allah loves him more..
Let's pray for him.

And the news made me realize...our life is just too short..Today my best friend lost her loved ones.
We'll never know, when is our turn.It might be sooner or later.The question is, are we ready to meet Him?

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