Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's an awesome family vacation!

I just came back from an awesome family vacation trip. Let me remind you first. This entry contains  A LOT of photos. Well, it's up to you then whether you're willing to scroll down and take a look at all the pictas or not. LOL..(^_*)

Makan-makan dulu (Look how happy my mum and I)Hee..

We're waiting for the train to Woodlands, Singapore

The mastermind behind the Trip ^_^ You guys rock!!

Gedik kan? Makan roti canai pun nak pakai spek bagai..Tapi tapi..it's freaking hot..haha..

Macam sesi briefing apa je..haha

in front of the hotel that we stayed

The elephant is sooo brilliant!!


Lunch time!! (How serious my face)

with my cousin>> Abang Izal

The food is quite expensive here

Unfortunately my dad and my bro couldn't join the trip..=(

Kak Wani, my darling sis!! ^_^

I love this pic! Credit goes to my cousin>>Amy for taking up this photo

Aww..love it love it..hahaha..

Charlie Chaplin..Indeed one funny guy he is..

Another favourite photo of mine..hehehe..

Bersila kat Airport


To wrap it up, I love this trip so much!! I had a great time! My cousin want to plan a visit to Korea next year. Better  kumpul duit dari sekarang!! hehehe..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Craziest Shopaholic

I know, I know..the title might be over the top. What I wanna share with you guys is about..Yeah, you got it right! Shopping la.. apa lagi..hehehe.. I know most of us like shopping (and that obviously including me) LOL. =p Dengan kecanggihan teknologi sekarang, peh ayat..hehe..La ni, tak payah nak susah-susah keluaq pi shopping mall dah. Nak pikiaq jam la, sesak la.. Semuanya ada di hujung jari (macam besa dengaq ja tagline ni) (^_*)/

Just by doing some clicking, you can shop almost anything that you want. From handbags, jeans, blouses,  shoes, shawls and food as well. All you have to do, is just sit back, relax and you can start your favourite activity just by browsing the internet.Yep, as simple as that! Here is the interesting blog shop that you might wanna visit.I can guarantee it will not let you down.=) Selamat bershopping shopaholic!*winking*


Take a look at some of the gorgeous shawls:

Or you can visit and like Cherry Boutique page

Precious gift ever..


I was told by my bro (aha..dia pecahkan rahsia) this Al-Quran is specially made from Indonesia

Salam.. Good day everyone!
Yeah, baru berkesempatan update blog since balik rumah. Sesampainya kat umah, my bro bagi slip pos laju. Then, I was like " huh, apa ni?" My bro replied " It's your birthday present la yong.." Then I smiled sheepishly..Excited lepas tu nak pergi post office. Nak amek birthday gift.tehehe..

Bukak-bukak je adiah, I was surprised (I felt like crying as well ). My family gave me an Al-Quran.Together with a cute pinky card.^_^ Terharu ..Sobsob.. What a precious gift.. Alhamdulillah..for giving me one awesome family. I love you guys sooo much!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shopping has never been this exciting!!

I am now in the insanely happy state. Hahaha..*gelakbesartakhengat* Mau tak happy. Exam da habis Wohho..!! (Even I still have some works to be completed). But, I have all the time  in the world.(Banyak la kau tikah)  Since I don't have to rush completing it under a wacky pressure.I mean, wuddaya expect? After all the stressful weeks,terus-terus nak buat kerja ke? I've decided to have some break and..updating my blog and surfing the internet.teehee..

Jadi, sementelah habisnya paper last semalam, terus je aku keluar dengan memberku Cik Fatin Izni. Dengan baju kurungnya, ha..ada aku kisah?? hehehe..At the very beginning, we planned to go to Mid Valley. Beratur nak naik Rapid Bus, tengok-tengok bas dah penuh. Memang boleh naik. Tapi kena berdiri sebelah pak cik bas. Jawabnya, memang takla kan nak pergi Mid camtu.So, we've decided to go to SACC Mall.

Memang seronok tak ingat la pilih buku kat MPH SACC tu. Even though the bookstore is not that big, but I manage to spend all my RM200 voucher! Yeay! Shopping has never been that exciting! Macam orang tamak pun ada. Penuh buku kat tangan.Semua nak beli.Gaya nak borong satu MPH.Hahaha..Selalu je berangan: "Congratulations, you are our lucky customer.You'll receive a voucher and you must spend all of it in a single receipt". Nah, amik kau. Dreams do come true kan.*winking* What else can I say, it was a fun experience! For a book lover like me, RM200 may not be enough. But then, being grateful as I am, I want to say-out-loud : thank you for the voucher!

'Hasil tangkapan' bersama baucer

Muka gumbira dapat shopping buku free..hehs.=p

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what a day-o day-o

Well, well..I'm officially 24 today* face-palm*
A day that I expect will be a boring and long day turn out to be cool. I'm now sitting comfortably on the armchair here in Shah Alam's main library.Together with my luvly friend, yana.

You know, there'll be time when you're no longer receive any present. Lack of birthday wishes that entered your cellphone.(kat FB banyakla)~which for me, doesn't count. Yela, kalo tak letak D.O.B kat situ, mmg tak la kan org bduyun2 wish.(But I wanna thank those who wish me that day. Especially yang wish direct terus kat hp aku.I'm touched..)Then, I said to myself : Welcome to 24 Atikah. Rupanya ni la tahap umo yang korang akan no longer looking forward to celebrate korang punya birthday. The date just pass by like the ordinary day. Hold on, hold on. Pehal nak touching touching ni tikah oii.. To tell you the truth, I feel kinda emotional. (maybe pasai unbalance hormone ). Pasaipa pulak yang hang beria nak sedih ni tikah.. Orang tak celebrate bday hang tak bermaksud orang tak appreciate hang. Orang tak wish hang tak bermaksud orang tak appreciate hang. Tula manusia.Suka sangat diraikan.But then, it hit me.

Orang yang patut dirai masa birthday kita, supposedly our mum. Yes, our beloved mother. So, celik-celik mata, belum sempat aku nak wish and thanked my mum for giving birth to me dan susah payah besarkan aku, mesej mak dah pun masuk dulu. Mum send her birthday wish to me! Betapa aku terharu.. Owh, mak..Tikah sayang sangat sangat kat mak. Pastu, aku decide takmo sedih sedih. So, on my birthday, aku yang ditemani yana, keluar pergi makan pizza.Yeay!! =p Then, terus gi library Shah Alam.. First time aku spend bday aku dengan cara yang cukup berilmiah.haha..

Dahla, banyak pulak citernya.hehehe..Some of the photos that we manage to snap.=)

yummy..So cheesy...

I just love the soup
sakan bgambar..haha..
best! tcapai hajat nk mkn the chessy pizza!

Thank you so much yana for spending out your time with me on  my  'big day' (yana is the one who come up with this term) hehe.. sayang kamu! You never know how much it means to me.*big hug* 

Monday, January 2, 2012


Ohmai! It's 2012!
This weds I'm goin' to turn 24. 
Kinda creepy to tell ya the truth. =p
Bertambah umo, bertambah tanggungjawab. 
Pape pon, may this year brings us barakah and happiness.^_^