Thursday, August 4, 2011

A journey to Karangkraf

What an overwhelming experiences I had last Weds! Just two weeks before, I posted an entry to magazine. I love to read this mag as it surely provides me with the latest infos of Muslimah fashion trends. In case, you don't have the clue what is this mag is all about, you can check this out: *winking*

Have I told you that wants to find any potential models for their mag? Hold on.Hold on. Me?Become a model??I know, I know it's way too ridiculous. Despite of the fact that I'm classified as a 'tall' girl among my friends. I also face the problem when people asked me to smile.Yup, smile and revealing my so-not-pretty line of teeth. Hahaha..=p So, you see, that's my major problemo.

To tell ya the truth, I'd never thought I will be called for the test-shoot. I just merely sending the entry form without any concrete purposes. For those who know me, I'm the contest-lover kind of person.Though I do realize the percentage of winning those competitions that I join are very low, but who knows? I might be lucky one day.hehehe..

So, back to the story. It just happened so fast! The next thing I know, me and my beloved angah was at the Karangkraf Building in Seksyen 15, Shah Alam.Yadda, yadda..I was posing for the model search session.(tak menahan)haha.. Here, I want to share some photos through out the day.=)

Thank you Angah! For being my professional manager for that day..hehehe..

Fill in the form before the test-shoot

Before the test-shoot, we do our own photo-shoot lah kan..hee

And..the photo-shoot begins

Is that me??haha..

the best sista evah!

Dayang.I met her that day.Unlike me, this is not her first time doing the photo-shoot for the mag. LoL

It was a fun experience. But I had the feeling, that day will be the first and last time I went to Karangkraf. Haha.. You see, I don't have what it takes to be a model like Tyra Banks.haha.. But knowing the fact that the test-shoot is only held one time per month, and in whole Malaysia, only 15 people are chosen to do the photo-shoot, you can say I lie if I'm not being enthusiast and elated.So, I just enjoying my time. After all, we're not given this kind chances everyday aite?hee..

I guess, I gotta stop now. Rather than spending my time here, I should read the Quran kan. I mean, it's Ramadhan. A holy month that we're waiting for.Till than, may peace be upon you. Happy fasting!=)

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