Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raya Pics (some with unecessary captions) LoL

The Parit's Team

I know, I know..It's kinda late to post raya pics & stories. I mean, it's the 17 th of Syawal kan..But hey, like I care..haha..I still want to upload it. I've been longing to write anything about raya stuffs like a couple of weeks ago. Knowing that I was too preoccupied with other things, I'd to postponed posting it here.Now that I get the chance to write it, I wait no more..hehehe..

No ordinary familia..hehe

I wasn't expecting anything.You know, when we expect something to be fun and great, sometimes it'll end up bad.You know what I mean. As the last time I went to my kampung, the malam raya was quite boring. Nothing really exciting.There was no pelita, most of my cousins were not there.. So like I said before, I didn't dare to expect anything for this year hari raya.

The Trio
Yadda yadda..I couldn't believe it.This hari raya is awesome!! I'd a great 'malam raya'. We were playing some firecrackers..Yeah, I know it's forbidden. Main sikit2, bole kan.kan..Budak degil, macam ni la.*rolled eyes*. And the first hari raya itself was nice. I went to performed the 'Solat Raya',visited the graveyard, family photos were taken and definitely enjoying every bites of food. The other night, the whole family gathered for some barbeques. Yummy!

My cousin with his daughter.

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