Friday, December 16, 2011

Sweetest silly little things

Yeah, happy mode activated!
Despite all the assignments, tests, quizzes yadda yadda.. I can still smiling..=)
Those memories still vivid in my mind. You know, they say there's always a first time for everything.  Last Monday was the first time I drove far enough that I managed to bring all my group members to Pantai Morib, Banting.ek eleh..Sebab tu je ke nak happy sangat! Tak payah nak gelak sangat okeh.suka ati lah.hahaha..Hey hey, my driving licence da lame competent okeh. Cuma tak pernah try  bawak area Selangor/Shah Alam ni.LoL!Okay2, it's hard for me to explain. But it's just indescribable. The day that I thought was a disaster ended up so perfect that is worth to be remembered.

On our way to Pantai Morib, we were chatting happily,  singing almost every songs played on a radio. Alright, alright..I admit, I was the one who sang most of the songs.Satisfied?haha..=p Here are some of the photos during our Mandarin shooting at Banting.^_^

The casts

konon2 dlm cte ombak rindu: tak abis2 promo ombak rindu nye..udah2 le tu tikah oii..hahaha..
Here come the masterpiece

back to serious face: okay, gotta go peeps.What a hectic week! May peace be upon you..=)

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