Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, salam everyone..
Last two days, I went to my old working place, Maybank. I felt very welcomed. My colleagues greeted me like before. We were chatting cheerfully and I had the difficulty to leave as there were just so many things to talk about. hehe..

Meet Kak Nadia

Chan May Wan


And just now,I'd an iftar with them.Awesomeness!! The food is sooo delicious.nasi with:gulai lemak ikan keli, ayam goreng berempah, sotong masam manis, masak lemak pucuk paku, kari ikan, pajeri terung, kobis goreng, ikan goreng tepung..phew penat nak list down semua.hehe.. Dessert dia pulak, ABC, kuih tepung pelita, pulut panggang, bubur kacang..I was so fulled. Full stop.

It is great knowing that they never forget me. I feel appreciated and happy.That's what making me smile broadly.=)

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