Sunday, January 11, 2015

The new me

We meet again. I can't believe now I am having a few roles in my life.
An important one I must say.
I'm a mother and a wife. miraculous it is.
and how time flies. Being a mom is enjoyable yet a bit tiring. No I lie.Daunting task.
It's like a never end contract. You sign it for a lifetime.

Gee..I guess my entry after this will mainly revolve around motherhood and babyhood.hehe..

After 9 months and 8 days of carrying Ammar in my tummy, finally I got to see him on 18 of
October 2014. The pain of giving birth is unbearable. But the beauty of it is to see your bundle of joy in front of you. All your pain is swept away just like that. How magnificent!

This coming 18 of January, Ammar will turn 3. I just can't wait to see him crawling, smiling and having his first tooth.Mesti comel...*melting*

And I am turning into a new me. More patient.
Whenever Ammar cries continuously, I will remind myself, he knows nothing.
He cries either beceause of
poo poo
pee pee
he is not feeling comfortable (too cold/hot)
he just want his ummi to hug him.

Ammar, you are just adorable..
I pray that you will be a soleh and good person =)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Anak Ummi dan Abi

Ammar dah 2 bulan lebih sekarang. Semangat sangat badan anak ummi ni.Gerramm.. Alhamdulillah, ummi giat buat stok susu nak bagi ammar fully susu ummi. Umi dah seminggu start kerja. Baru tau perasaan ibu-ibu kat luar tu yang hantar anak kat nursery ke babysitter. Rindu...sangat kat anak masa tengah kerja. Asyik kena tengok je gambar Ammar.hehe..

Sekarang ni masa ummi kerja, Cik Ana yang jaga Ammar.Ummi harap sangat slowly nanti Ammar pandai hisap both dekat ummi dengan botol. Kesian Cik Ana kena latih anak ummi ni minum guna botol.Ummi tau, Ammar anak ummi yang baik.In sha Allah semuanya nanti akan bertambah baik.

Ummi percaya Cik Ana akan jaga anak ummi ni dengan baik masa ummi keluar pergi work. Sayang anak ummi ni sangat-sangat...

Being a mother is no easy. You have
less time to sleep
less time to rest
cannot simply go for shopping (crowded place to be precise) sebab takut anak kena jangkit dengan virus ke penyakit yang masha Allah, macam-macam sekarang ni.


you'll need to be a multitasking kind of a person (being a mum and wife)
Ummi needs to do the laundry, clean the house, clean the dishes..the list go on and on..and take care of my precious baby Ammar as well.


It is enjoyable.
Tengok anak ummi ni membesar depan ummi..Tengok Ammar mula boleh senyum bila ummi panggil nama Ammar..Subhanallah..
Berbaloi sangat.
Moga Ammar menjadi harta dunia akhirat ummi dan abi ye