Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Bus Stories

Bee Gees: How deep is your love

Here I am, back in my room at Kolej Melati.
I just reached at 6.30 p.m. It was tiring... The journey took about 3 and a half hour (from Bentong-Shah Alam).
My back hurts.Yeah, I brought my lappy along ( Hoping I will finished the task that I'd been assigned by my lecturer ) tapi, dah nama pun balik rumah..haram tak sentuh pun..tengok2 macam tu je..nak sedapkan hati..haha..

Along the way in the bus, I met a bunch of makcik2 vogue. Foreigners. Hommai! They were talking so loud. Sumpah macam nak pecah gegendang telinga dibuatnya! Not that I understand any single words that they were talking, I find it really disturbing. You see, I was standing just in front of them. Thanks to them, I couldn't barely move my feet. Their stuff were covering the bus floor. Then, they started to take out one by one the things that they bought in front of my eyes. Tabung la, jam tangan,frame, bagai2..hadoila... One of them took out her boyfriend/husband photo. I couldn't help myself to take a sneak peek at it too..Menyibuk je kaw tikah! Dah tu, dah tunjuk depan2 mata, mau tak tengok..hahaha..

Hugh Grant & Halley Bennet :Way back into love

When you're travelling by bus, you'll encounter numerous experiences. Some of it, may make you crave a smile or make you bite your lips (it applies on me when I'm mad)

This video was taken : obviously in a bus. I was annoyed with this one inconsiderate man.Take a look of it.
(sorry: it turns out this video is a silent video.darn it! worries, I'll convert it into another version and upload it once again)

Last week, when I was on my way from my home to KL, I met this old man. He was 75. His wife died 10 years ago. He shared a lot of stories with me. and some good advice too.=) One of it sounds like this: "Nak, walau apa pun yang anak buat, selalu ingat Allah.Jangan lupa mak ayah. Nanti, dah sampai je U, terus inform mak ye,Kami ni bukan nak mintak banyak, cukup dengan anak2 ingat kami"
Atok,I certainly won't forget that very useful words of yours.InsyaAllah..

That's all for now folks! Gotta get back to work.(wat muka serious) (-_-)/
Till then, bubbye!!

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