Friday, April 22, 2011

JaLaN JaLaN nek NaDi PutRa

I'm in the exam period.

I still want to post something here. I want to write. Can I...please please please..=)

Okay, back to the story.

I went to Putrajaya last Friday. (Sleepover at: my beloved sis house in Precint 11)
On saturday,we went to Alamanda.Cuba teka naik apa?yepp! dengan bas lah..Nadi Putra.. Murah je..50 sen..yela, kalau naik rapid, rm1 kan.hehehe.. Kak lisa treated me with Rasamas. Owh..ske..! ^_^ Thank you akak.. !!Then we bought the exactly same dark-blue-t-shirt at Reject Shop.Tak plan pun sebenarnya..tapi lepas pilih2,terpilih baju yang sama jugak..hehehe.

Nyum2.. sedap...^_^

Meet Kak Lisa

The next day, we didn't exactly planned where to go. But I told Kak Lisa that I want to jog. Then, we've come out of the idea of going to Taman Monumen Alaf Baru if I'm not mistaken. We went to Putrajaya Central first. Dari sana, barulah naik bas ke destinasi yang nak dituju.. Bila naik je bas, sekali pak cik tu terlebih peramah la pulak.. At first, he wanted to drop us at PICC. Tapi tak jadi.. pak cik tu cakap " bakpo nok trun sini..buke ado ore pun.Susoh nok dapak bah alik ni"hehehe.. Then Kak Lisa and I stared at each other. Biar betul pak cik ni...So,we'd go back to Putrajaya Central. From there, we planned to go to Taman Botani.

she's browsing the pamphlet

wah, siap bersimpuh lagi..hahaha

At taman Botani: The photo session started.hehehe.. Though our stomachs started to make some funny noises, we'd to ignore it. The seafood restaurant there was closed !We were so damn hungry, as we didn't have our lunch yet.(Mind you,it was 3 o'clock at that time..)but we still managed to crack a smile and posed for the pictures..hehehe..

Masa nak balik pulak, bas tak nak berhenti pulak kat bus stop Taman Botani tu..Ades.. huhu.. Tapi lepas tu Kak Lisa dapat idea. Kitorang naik nadi putra pergi Alamanda. Dari sana, barulah naik bas ke rumah Kak Lisa..=) Phew..

It was an enjoyable ride. Touring around Putrajaya..Credit goes to.>>>> Yepp, Nadi Putra!! hehehe..AND not to forget: Kak Lisa>> Thank you soo much! For inviting me to your house and your hospitality as well .Cewah..=)

That's all for now folks! I may write again soon...^_^ adios!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The DraMa

Okay, I can really take a deep breath.. As a sign of satisfaction and calmness.huahua.. For this semester, my group really end up well. I don't know, maybe the chemistry between us is just there. =)Unlike the last semester group. We were burning the midnight oil just to finish our movie which was just so tiring. Can you imagine, we didn't sleep at all the day before we'd to submit the project!Phew!

I can say I'm satisfied enough with all my group members for their cooperation. And they really are a marvelous actor/actress. About the mastermind behind our drama.. YES, I'm the writer for our story. What makes me so elated is that they really like my script. They straight away accepted it after the first time they read it.Yippee!!hehe.. Owh, am I really that good?haha..Okay ATikah..stop it..

I've captured some of the photos when we were shooting our little film.*wink2*

Guess who's the lead actress?? Yup! 10 marks for you. It's me again..LOL!
There are a lot of picta that I snapped, unfortunately, I've mistakenly deleted it.Hmm..=(
But it's okay. I still have some to share with you guys.No biggie.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Glamorous of Colour Sensation

YES.THE DINNER. It's the event that I always looking forward to. For this semester, it's called 'The Glamorous Of Colour Sensation '. The theme I might say is a pretty boring-common theme. ( It would be great if they choose the Arabian Night..) Somehow everyone dressed up well head-to-toe.hehe..

The cuisine was marvelous. The next day after the dinner, I got diarrhea.haha.. The performance was just okay. Nothing really special. Despite the sexy looking dancers, the opening ceremony, which the organisers launched the TEXSAS logo was nice.

But I didn't win any of the lucky draw..Hmm.. Maybe next time Atikah!

hehehe.. I've attached some of the photos here.=)