Thursday, October 27, 2011



Okay, I just caught a flu. Thanks to the extreme whether. Not that I blame the natural climate.'s just me. (sape suruh tak bawak payung dah tau tiap2 petang ujan..) aigoo.. I know, this is just a minor test. Allah loves me. So He wants to test me with a flu. It's just a flu Atikah..Perlu ke nak tulis kat blog?Haha..=p But I pray, it will not be that long. I mean, tell me, who would've stand a stuffy nose..with your mucus keep on coming out. Believe me, tissue will be your best friend at this very moment.Mau makan ubat selesema!hachum(for the tenth times) (*_*)/

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Morning Peeps!


Salam..Good Morning peeps!
Memandangkan aku dah tertido awal malam semalam (pukul 10 okay), memang logik la di kala budak-budak lain yang seangkatan denganku masih erat memeluk selimut, mata aku memang tak boleh nak paksa tido dah.hahaha..=p
So, dengan rajinnya aku membuka laptop di meja study ku.Muahaha.. On9 la derr..=P
This is how I start my day.(I mean to be precise today)

Surfing the internet
* Log on to my FB account of course.Duh!
* Bukak You-tube..Layan pape lagu yang best. (Sing-a-long siap!)
* Baca thestaronline, Kosmo dan yang sewaktu dengannya..

Baru nak bukak video clip bagai2 yang best kat youtube, tetibe.. Access Denied.

Access Denied (policy_denied)

Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL.

Polisi UiTM

For assistance, contact your UiTM network support team.

Your request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as 'Open/Mixed Content;Audio/Video Clips'.
If you wish to question or dispute this result, please click here.

Okay, got it. Dah pukul 8..UiTM dah block youtube.Cehh..Tarappapa.. Tak bagi aku on9 lama2 lah tu. So, aku pun move on pada blog ni la kan.Meluahkan rasa hati.hahaha..(lame-o) Tu je nak citer.LoL!

Okeh, gotta get back to work!
Till we meet again InsyaAllah..

May peace be upon all of us..^_^

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A date with him

Please ignore the attention grabbing title. LoL!=P I know, I know, I'm just overreacting.It's not really a date to tell you the truth. Nothing much, I just met one of my idol, Datuk Dr Syeikh Muszaphar Shukor last morning. Stop it right there.Yes, I just met Malaysia's first astronaut once again.This is my second time. But this time, I can talk to him, get his signature and take a picture with him.Ohmai.. *winking*

A lot of girls, women out there are so happy to be seeing him. Obviously you know the reason without the need of me explaining it here. But for me, he's the guy who fulfilled my childhood dreams..As far as I remember, I'd many dreams when I was a kid.(It's pretty normal right?~ngee) Being a teacher and an astronaut. Ironically, that is in two different fields. I just couldn't tell you how much I love what's on the space. Every time I look at the sky, my mind would circling and keep thinking.Can I go up there and explore it myself? I always a big fan of the stars. I even wished I can have my own telescope someday. So that I can keep gazing at the miraculous stars above.

Datuk Dr Syeikh Muszaphar Shukor somehow has proved that dreams do come true. As long as you believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible. I'm amazed by the fact that he is a doctor, an astronaut, a model and a motivator as well.

Our 'date' is here at Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor, UiTM Shah Alam.. Forgive me for using the 'date' word. Again.haha.. I just couln't help it. I'm so excited..^_^

Patiently queuing up to meet him in person.

Yay! I got his sign! He write, Dear Atikah...Okay okay I made up stories. He just jotted down, Atikah together with his signature. Even by that made me smile from ear to ear..=)

I couldn't believe it myself! Me and him in the same picture.^_^ *blushing*

This is the day worth writing for.*SMILE*

May peace be upon us.

Friday, October 7, 2011

~Teacher Atikah~

I always want to be a teacher. Though the course that I'm taking right now bring me, well not even near to the teaching profession. Somehow, the words that coming out from my friend's mouth startled me.She said " You know what, if you become a teacher, I'm sure you'll be one sporting and likeable teacher ever.You've got the gift in attracting people to listen to what you want to share,"Then, I couldn't hide my expression any longer. Smile spread across my face. Little that she know, I always have the passion to be one great educator.Sometimes, I imagine myself teaching in front of my students. See the happy faces of theirs and they call me "Teacher Atikah".=)

I have a dream-Westlife

For me, it doesn't matter whether you're already one step closer to become a teacher or not, we are our own guider/educator/teacher ourselves. Sooner or later, I'm going to be a teacher for my own kids. I already am a teacher for my dearest siblings.So, I push away any sense of regret. I don't want to question Allah's job. As I know, He has a better plan for me. InsyaAllah..=)

Yesterday I went to a talk called " Embracing Islam as the way of life" It was one inspiring talk. One of the things that keep on repeating inside my head is, " Go spread Islam, you don't have to be a preacher/an ustazah to spread the beauty of Islam.

Regardless of who we are, we can convey the good message about Islam. Let's be a teacher that taught other people towards the betterment of life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Bus Stories

Bee Gees: How deep is your love

Here I am, back in my room at Kolej Melati.
I just reached at 6.30 p.m. It was tiring... The journey took about 3 and a half hour (from Bentong-Shah Alam).
My back hurts.Yeah, I brought my lappy along ( Hoping I will finished the task that I'd been assigned by my lecturer ) tapi, dah nama pun balik rumah..haram tak sentuh pun..tengok2 macam tu je..nak sedapkan hati..haha..

Along the way in the bus, I met a bunch of makcik2 vogue. Foreigners. Hommai! They were talking so loud. Sumpah macam nak pecah gegendang telinga dibuatnya! Not that I understand any single words that they were talking, I find it really disturbing. You see, I was standing just in front of them. Thanks to them, I couldn't barely move my feet. Their stuff were covering the bus floor. Then, they started to take out one by one the things that they bought in front of my eyes. Tabung la, jam tangan,frame, bagai2..hadoila... One of them took out her boyfriend/husband photo. I couldn't help myself to take a sneak peek at it too..Menyibuk je kaw tikah! Dah tu, dah tunjuk depan2 mata, mau tak tengok..hahaha..

Hugh Grant & Halley Bennet :Way back into love

When you're travelling by bus, you'll encounter numerous experiences. Some of it, may make you crave a smile or make you bite your lips (it applies on me when I'm mad)

This video was taken : obviously in a bus. I was annoyed with this one inconsiderate man.Take a look of it.
(sorry: it turns out this video is a silent video.darn it! worries, I'll convert it into another version and upload it once again)

Last week, when I was on my way from my home to KL, I met this old man. He was 75. His wife died 10 years ago. He shared a lot of stories with me. and some good advice too.=) One of it sounds like this: "Nak, walau apa pun yang anak buat, selalu ingat Allah.Jangan lupa mak ayah. Nanti, dah sampai je U, terus inform mak ye,Kami ni bukan nak mintak banyak, cukup dengan anak2 ingat kami"
Atok,I certainly won't forget that very useful words of yours.InsyaAllah..

That's all for now folks! Gotta get back to work.(wat muka serious) (-_-)/
Till then, bubbye!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cerita rombongan adik ( in manglish)

ntah pape je tajuk post.hahaha..
Well, here I am. Sitting in font of the TV, watching House and writing for my blog. Yeah, I am that multitasking-kind- of- a-person.LoL! =P

Nak cerita, pepagi lagi dah bangun. Mau tak nye. Dah kata bas gerak pulk 6.45 pagi.Nak menghantar adik aku yang sorang ni la..pergi rombongan ke Negeri Sembilan. Pukul 5.30 okay, bangun. Tolong gosok baju, tudung, dia bagai2.. Memang semangat adik aku ni. A few months before the actual date, she was already planning, which bag did she wanna bring, how much money that she wanna spent.Sangat2 bersemangat okay. Which brought me back to my childhood memory. Akak dia pun sebenarnya 2x5 je. Kekadang, excited je tak tentu pasal.haha.. Nak2 pulak, rombongan2 ni..memang i suka okay..hehehe..

See, i told ya..tengah gelap gulita lagi time antar dia pagi td. Adik2..Risau kena tinggal bas la..Padahal, kitorang antara yang terawal sampai kot..ahaha..

Okla, setakat ni dulu entry kali ni..daaa..
May Allah bless us.Peace yall!!