Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rainy Tears

It's been raining heavily outside
So am I. Tears pouring down my face.
My mum is not feeling well. She caught a fever.
I took her to the nearest hospital this morning.
But her temperature keeps on increasing.
It makes my heart sink.
Looking at how sick she is makes me even worry
I just finished massaging her head,
Hoping desperately that would ease her pain.
We had a little chit chat.
Even with a very low volume, I manage to hear her voice.
I cannot stand looking at her like that,
I mean, she's always a superwoman.
She's tough and strong.
But tonight,
She seems so fragile.
O Allah,
I seek for your help.
I want to see the smile on my mum's face.
Heal her body,
Makes her healthy.

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