Monday, October 29, 2012

First Day.Not

I thought I won't be able to write in my blog for a long period of time. Luckily, my cousin has a broadband and he kindly lent me for a while. teehee..

Today is the first day I go to work. Well, not entirely my first experience of working. I've worked with one of the bank at my hometown last 2 years. Having said that, 2 years are quite a long time ha. So, I'm feeling slightly nervous last morning.kekeke..

However, all the nervousness slowly disappeared when I met a bunch of new staffs.hehe..Aku pekerja baru yang sampai paling  awal tadi. Skema kan.I don't mind people calling me that. As long as I know, I'm doing the right thing. Baik datang awal daripada dapat warning letter kan.Baik datang awal daripada terkocoh-kocoh masuk ofis kan.. hehs.. When no one is around, this is what I do. Macam biasala..Tikah..hahaha..

Entah nape, malas nak mekap.ehe

Basically, today is all about briefing. The HR Exec there share about the company, the board of directors, how to handle the customers, compensation and benefits and macam-macam lagila.Tapi macam biasala, mesti ada ice breaking session kan.So, we've been assigned to draw a coat or arms. Coat of arms? It is a symbol/photo that represents something important. Kalau korang tengok cerita Lord of the Ring ke, adala. Ala..yang lambang kat perisai dorang tu..Tapi yang aku kena buat, lambang tentang diri sendiri. My experience, passion,ambition and about my family. Wanna know how my coat of arms look like? Tadaa...

Being as skema as I always am (LoL), I volunteered. I want to be the first person who present my drawing so that I will be able to share my masterpiece. Ceh. Aku ingatkan, Miss Huney just randomly picked sapa-sapa untuk present benda alah ni.Penat je aku buat, kalo tak present kan. Tengok-tengok the whole training staffs pun kena. Haha..Nasib present awal. Towards the end, I mean when lunch hour is just a couple of minutes before you, no one really pays attention on what are you saying kan.Tak bestla..hee

Meet Dayana..=)
All in all, it was a typical first day of working thing. Aku harapkan, better future. Aku pasti, tu doa kita semua.Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan kita. Jangan pernah berputus harap pada Dia. Kerana Dia matlamat kita. Dia tujuan kita hidup di muka bumi ni.Wallahualam~


  1. Hey love!
    Good to hear from you on your first day.
    Wahh, everything going nice eyh?
    Happy for you.
    Doakan Ayong bergembira sentiasa dengan environment baru! Be good yeh sis. Love ya!

  2. hey dearie!
    Alhamdulillah..everything going nice (except for I'd been scolded by one of the cleaner there.Takla serious sgt, tapi still annoyed la.hehe..Yela, takkanla kena tunggu cleaning session dia habis,even kita tgh dalam darurat.haha)
    Thank u so much yunk!
    You never know how much your du'a means to me.
    And I always pray for the best untuk zaty jugak.=)