Sunday, June 3, 2012

her wedding (part 1)

Assalamualaikum everyone..
I'm just coming back from Kuala Terengganu, attending my sister's (merangkap my bestie) wedding.
Exhausted yet happy I could make it to her wedding.=)

I've lot of things to share(just by looking at the title you'll know la kan). But then, I ain't got no time bebeh. So, I've decided to make it short.Let the pictures speak for me.hee..No, of course I wouldn't do that. *winking*

I went to Terengganu on Friday. Lucky enough my family planned to go there as well.Since Kak Lisa did invited my whole family to her wedding. We had the dinner at Dungun kat kedai makan called " Maggi Ketam Bistro".The meals were great. But then, we have to wait almost half an hour to eat. ~Sighs~

Despite the raining and all we finally reached at Kuala Terengganu, almost midnight. Actually, I felt a tinge of frustration. Supposedly, both Yana Ahmed and Yana Arip promised me to go to Kak Lisa's wedding together. Somehow, due to the some unexpected things, they couldn't make it. But then again, I didn't let that affected my mood to attend my sista's wed.

The next day, we went out at 12 a.m. (konon dah awl sangat la kan). But it turned out we were stuck in the traffic jam for almost 2 hours! tambah sesat2..we reached Kak Lisa's house at 3! Hmm.. Nasib Kak Lisa tak tuka baju pengantin lagi..huhu.. The important thing was, I still managed to capture some photos there.Hehe..Being a grateful person, I could't hide the feeling. I'm elated. Despite all the obstacles to attend her wedding, I still managed to be there.I am so happy for her.

To be continued..

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