Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sleepy Head

I just cannot believe it myself.
I'd posted a few entries two days in a row! hee..*sengihmintakpenampor*
I am so sleepy, even when I press the keyboard I feel like sleeping and drooling.(Melampau sangat kan)
My eyes feel like someone has put  some pebbles on top of them.
All of a sudden I start to google out some amazing photos of bed. Take a look of them!
The cinderella bed. Nice kan.=)

The tasty bed


Vertical bed

Comel sangat kann..!!

Alas, I feel so relieved.
Two presentations= Done
One quiz = Done
One test= Done

But knowing of the fact that there will be more tests awaiting for me for next week, I was like..
Wakey wakey sleepy head!! (sambil goncang kepala sendiri)

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