Friday, June 15, 2012

Rainbow it is =)

Phew, what a day!
I'm exhausted.
But I can't sleep.
So, tadaa..I've updated my blog again.hahaha..
I'm too tired to write.A picture speaks a thousand words right?

Here you go.=)

Nice decorations I must say.=)

Kiciwa tak sempat makan sate kambing..=(

first time wat dinner outdoor.Best jugak.

Muka saya agak  gelap.Barangkali kesilapan mengedit gambar.hahaha..

High heels saya haruslah pink!LoL.=P

Enak menjamu selera.Thanks syira for the candid photo! *winking*

Some says we look like siblings.hee..

I personally like this photo.=)

With ma juniors 

Meet Incik Rizal the artist.hee 

Cik Syira

The last dinner turned out well. The food is okay. Kudos to them. The decorations are splendid! Colourful enough I must say.=)

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