Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sesi menulis cik tika

Yay, my second post for today.
Since i have all the time in the world, I've decided to post another entry.
Konon tengah free sangat kan.Padahal tonnes of assignments and works lines up to be finished. hewhew..
Tapi would be the exception day (suka hati je nak declare exception day kan).(@_@)
 Supposedly I've to sit for a test last morning.
But then, the lecturer forgot. Beliau meminta saya menjawab test petang ni.Aigoo..
Takpe takpe, I understand.We, as a student must be patient enough. I seriously mean it.This is part of the obstacles that we had to endure. Jadi aku sabarkan diri.
Mengisi masa lapang dengan meluahkan perasaan yang terpendam pada blog.Wah, cenggitu..hehs.  

Tomorrow would be the day for me and my clans to wear some make ups (definitely not for you la Rizal.haha..) and have fun. But to be honest, the excitement inside me is not really there. Thanks to some people.You've spoiled my mood. I believe others too.When too many people are talking at the same time. I figure out, you better keep quiet. When everyone is talking, whoever on earth would listen right?
Well, hopefully the day would not be that bad the way that I expect it to be.

So  rakans,lets wear our best outfits and have fun! Set asides all the silly things and put your best smile.=)
Till  then, bubbye..!

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