Monday, May 28, 2012

How I met your father

Here I am sitting in the lab. Supposedly I should finish my final testing today.
Somehow, there's a few visitors coming and thanks to them, my work has to be postponed again.Aigooo..
But then, I've decided to make a full use of the internet access. You know, finish the assignment, writing in this blog and definitely browsing any webs that can amused me.Hewhew,..

A few days before coming to the Uni, being so random all of a sudden I asked my mum. " Mum, how did you meet dad?" Normally mum would answer." It's a long story.."Then the conversation just stopped there. But, surprisingly, this time she shared the memories.

How I met your father..Let the stories remained between me and my mum.=) It's no lovey-dovey mushy-mushy kind of stories. Still, it managed to make me smile.

May peace be upon you, you and yes you the one who read this.^_^

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