Sunday, January 8, 2017

Road to Umrah 2017


I guess it's not too late to wish happy new year. Just celebrated my birthday a couple of days ago. It's been quite some time I didn't write in this blog.teehee..

I always wanted to perform an umrah since I was a kid.I remember watching Jejak Rasul and waited until the end of the episode. You wanna know why? As there were always a contest where you will need to answer the questions related to that episode and the grand prize is going for an umrah!

Since last year, after I went to Perth, I always asked my husband whether we can go to perform our umrah at the beginning of this year.

You know, " you just put the thought in your mind, and Allah will ease the way".

I started to discipline myself and save some money to go for an umrah. Alhamdulillah..Allah really ease our way.

What are the things that you have to prepare before you go to Umrah?
1. Passport ( valid 6 months before your departure time)
2. Passport sized photo ( white background) x4 pieces
3. Buku kesihatan suntikan ACYW 135 (Meningitis)
4. Sijil nikah yang disahkan Jabatan Agama Islam dan wisma putra

I choose Andalusia Travel for my umrah. A few days left before I go to Mecca and Medina. I just can't wait.

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