Friday, February 15, 2013

Between the stars

Those stars,
So bright that I need to wince my eyes
Sometimes I do feel I'm too greedy
Too greedy that I feel like having those stars
I'm just an ordinary person
Too ordinary to have that very shiny star to enter my life
But then again,
As cliche as it would be
Things do happen for a reason
I believe Allah has His own reasons
Why those stars appear right when I need their lights
I just hope that I will not be the reason the lightness from the star becomes dim
I want it to unleash its greater power from within without stopping
Between the stars,
They leave me confounded
Sooner or later I still need to make  a decision
Never an easy one
Between the stars,
which one will be the star of my heart.
O Allah, do guide me
Lead me to that very star
:: amin ::

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