Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend with Darlings

Tired, but happy.
Those two words are enough to describe my feelings for a great weekend that I spent with ma best friends..and yeah. I've uploaded some photos.=)



I'm trying to imitate her.Haha..

Nice place to dine..=)

The Gardens

Yay!! We've watched Harry Potter togeta!^_^

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Patch Adams

Yesterday, I went to my bestie's house. We were planning to play tennis at first. But then, due to some miscommunications ( I thought, we were going to play in the morning and she thought we were going to play in the evening) hehehe.. At the end of the day, we just sat and did the normal routine of a girl. Yeah, precisely! We were chatting and gossiping la.haha.. Then, I went to her laptop and said."I want to take any good movie to watch". After searching which movie that can fit into my pen-drive, I went home happily with a movie titled " Patch Adams".lalala..

So, last night I watched this great movie. All alone by myself.Sobs (Yeah, it was that late) My whole family were all went to bed. This story started with Robbie Williams stars as Hunter Adams went to mental asylum.(As he tried to attempt suicide ) Somehow, in the hospital, patch made the two decisions: to serve humanity through medicine and to never have another the bad day.

When he enters medical school, he acts totally beyond the norm. He can't accept the fact that medical students should only have direct contact with patients in the third year. So, during his second year,he just followed his heart. He visits the hospital frequently.He enlighten all the patients there with his jokes and stupid songs. With his friends, Truman and Carin, he started to build a free hospital called ' Gesundheit Hospital '. Enthusiastically, I started to find the meaning of Gesundheit right after I watched this movie. Semangat kan??haha..It means 'good health'.

Yeah, I forgot to tell you that this movie is based on a true story. This remarkable story has actually came out ten years ago. Darn it! I can't believe I just watched it.So yesterday lah kamu tikah!haha..So, I did read several articles on Patch Adams. His biography, etc etc.What he did to me is a noble thing to do. He is no ordinary doctor. He believes that laughter, joy and creativity is the integral part in the healing process.

Little notes for my bestie>>> Dr Wan Iliana bt Wan Mohd Sulaiman (InsyaAllah..) ^_^
I'm very proud of you dear. Being a doctor has always been your passion. And no doubt, you're going to be one awesome doctor soon! All the best in everything that you do!=)

Yeah, that's us making weird faces..LoL

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Malaysian Football

Yes, I watch football . What's wrong with that??
Who says woman (I can't believe I use this word instead of a girl) Tetibe nyanyi lagu Britney Spears " I'm not a girl..not yet a woman..." Cewwah..hahaha.. Okay, okay, back to the topic..Slalu je melalut cik tika ni..ngeh3x.. Like I said. I do watch football match. But it depends. I watch if I feel like watching..LOL..But, when I watch. No one seems dare to bother me.I put 200% attention to it.Pastu kalau team yang disokong sumbat gol>>Alamat bergegar la satu rumah..hee..And our team manage to grab my attention lately. I started to follow every tournaments that involving Malaysia's team. I started to act like a sport commentator.haha..

I believe our local football scenario has changed 360'. Our squad has regained its spirit since we won the AFF Suzuki Cup. Our football players seem to show great performance.Malaysian's football fans start to put their trust to the local team. Harimau Malaya has finally showed their power!! Auumm...

One of my friend told me." Kau tau tikah, aku nak beli jersey Malaysia.Boleh pulak habis kan.Dasyat betul la.Takpe, aku sanggup tunggu stock baru." This is the spirit that we want in all Malaysian. Though we have our own favourite international club like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, just to name a few.We should support our Malaysia's team too. .

It's time for us to lead our team to the glory.How can we do that?We can support them whole heartedly .(Bukan bermusim-musim okay. Contoh, asal menang je, baru nak sokong)Eh, tetibe sendiri yang terkebil-kebil.Tanda terasa,hahaha..

They really need our attention and support. So, Harimau Malaya, don't let us down. We've finally see the bright side of the Malaysian football. Let us pray the light will become brighter and we, Malaysian can smile proudly for our local football team.

Perjuangan belum selesai.

Sekian dulu dari saya:Hasbullah Awang..a.k.a tikah..hahaha..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My buah hati pengarang jantung

Tangan dah gatal nak menulis..There's a lot of things inside my mind. But then, I was too preoccupied with other things.So I just let most of the stuff remain inside my head.Hmm..
First thing first, I'm so happy as I managed to upload a video in my blog. You know, it's been a while I've been working out on how to convert a large size video to a smaller version so that I can upload it here. hehehe..Then, my hero helped me.Thanks bro!! =)

I want to share some of the pictures that had been taken
during my little sister's birthday. But before that, here is the video when she was 7. Meet Nabilah.(^_^)

See, how cute she is! And indeed a very very talkative girl too..hee..She was so elated last Sunday as we've thrown quite a big party for her. How great it is to see a smile spread across her face. Though most of her friends couldn't come to her party.But that didn't bother her at all. Our nearest neighbours came and she got many presents. I wanted to buy a set of school stuff and a nice dress to her. Somehow, the shop that sell those things were closed a day before her birthday..Sighs..So, I just shared with angah to buy the present for adik. And she love it!Mestilah kan..ayong and angah dia yang bagi.hehe..=p

Here are some of the photos masa hari kejadian.=)

Aktiviti suap menyuap..hehehe..

Happy la tu dapat banyak adiah..=)

Chef in the making>>Chef two (After Chef Wan)LOL

Nabilah and her besties

Yummy! Macademia flavour..I like it!!=)

*A little notes for her*
I love you adik!! Do study smart and make us proud.I wish you all the best in ife. May Allah bless you always. (^_^)

Wait, Alif, my new boyfriend..teehee..=p

Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, hello peeps!
May peace be upon you..=)

Sebenarnya, aku tak ada apa sangat nak share tuk post kali ni. Just nak bagitau, aku suka sangat layout baru blog aku ni.Ceh..masuk bakul angkat sendiri..hahaha.. Special thanks goes to my bestie>>Wan Iliana!Beliau yang tolong set kan background ni.Hee..*wide grin* Seronok pergi lepak kat rumah dia.We'd some girl y talks, gossip2, sesi modeling sikit..hehehe..Tapi sekejap sangat..It's okay..Maybe next time kan darl.We're going to hang out together..or keluar makan2 ke..=)

Harini pulak, cik aminah datang berkunjung ke rumah. Seronok2.. biasala, kalau dah jumpa, memang borak sakan la kan.kihkihkih..Dengar dia cerita wedding plan dia, sangat teruja pulak kan.Tumpang happy untuk kamu minah..(^_^)

Kebelakangan ni, aku memang selalu sangat tidur lambat.Dah, nak buat macam mana.Tak ngantuk..(ceh, kalo ko paksa mata ko tidur boleh je sebenarnya tikah..hahaha) Dalam kepala aku ni, ada macam2 plan nak buat.Sampai tak tau la boleh jalan ke tak plan nya. hehehe.. Tapi, nak cerita, sangat seronok lah duk kat rumah.Hehehe.. Ni nak g usha you-tube pulak. Memang semenjak dua menjak ni aku jadi penonton you-tube yang setia. Entahla.Seronok pulak dah layan you-tube ni.hehehe..Aku tertarik pulak dengan local you-tubers yang best2 ni.Macam anwarhadi, matlutfi, maria elena, aiman azlan.Dorang ni memang talented la.Ha, kalo yang luar negara, aku suka nigahiga and kevjumba.hee..

Okla, setakat ni dulu post aku tuk kali ni.

Ha, sebelum terlupa, rajin2 la singgah blog ni.>>
Banyak baju2 yang cantik2 taw.=)

Till then, bubbye!!! =)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pearl Of Wisdoms

May peace be upon you..
My post will be regarding some Al-Quran versus and quotes.
That I find really help me in facing this tough and challenging world.
They motivate me, and make me think.
And I just want to share them with you readers.
Hopefully you'll find them assisting you in any difficult circumstances.
Some will be in bahasa and some will be in English.=)

" Semua orang sebenarnya sama saja.Tak ada beza. Tapi kehendak diri sendiri yang sebenarnya
mampu buat kita jadi luar biasa"

" Sungguhlah orang kata, nikmat yang ada takkan terasa, selagi ianya tak lenyap daripada depan mata"

" Kerja memang bukan lagi beban kalau dah tu memang benda yang kita suka lakukan"

" Don't turn your back on God, nothing in life is guaranteed. But if you keep your faith, some things will be clearer than others"

" The people nowadays are pouncing for worldly benefits as if the purpose of their creation were to compete over the worldly materialistic gains to collect them. They forgot a day when they will return to Allah"

" My similitude and that of the life of this world is that of a traveller who took a rest at midday under a shade of a tree and then left it"
~By:Ahmad at Tirmidhi ( The life is a transient shade)

Katakanlah: Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadatku, hidupku dan matiku hanyalah untuk Allah, Tuhan semesta alam (Al-An'am:162)

That Allah may forgive you your sins of the past and the future, and complete His favour on you, and guide you on the Straight Path.~al-Fat-h (48:2)

Verily, man is in loss. Except those who accepted faith, and did good deeds and urged one another to the truth-and urged one another to have patience.~al-'Ashr: (2-3)