Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My buah hati pengarang jantung

Tangan dah gatal nak menulis..There's a lot of things inside my mind. But then, I was too preoccupied with other things.So I just let most of the stuff remain inside my head.Hmm..
First thing first, I'm so happy as I managed to upload a video in my blog. You know, it's been a while I've been working out on how to convert a large size video to a smaller version so that I can upload it here. hehehe..Then, my hero helped me.Thanks bro!! =)

I want to share some of the pictures that had been taken
during my little sister's birthday. But before that, here is the video when she was 7. Meet Nabilah.(^_^)

See, how cute she is! And indeed a very very talkative girl too..hee..She was so elated last Sunday as we've thrown quite a big party for her. How great it is to see a smile spread across her face. Though most of her friends couldn't come to her party.But that didn't bother her at all. Our nearest neighbours came and she got many presents. I wanted to buy a set of school stuff and a nice dress to her. Somehow, the shop that sell those things were closed a day before her birthday..Sighs..So, I just shared with angah to buy the present for adik. And she love it!Mestilah kan..ayong and angah dia yang bagi.hehe..=p

Here are some of the photos masa hari kejadian.=)

Aktiviti suap menyuap..hehehe..

Happy la tu dapat banyak adiah..=)

Chef in the making>>Chef two (After Chef Wan)LOL

Nabilah and her besties

Yummy! Macademia flavour..I like it!!=)

*A little notes for her*
I love you adik!! Do study smart and make us proud.I wish you all the best in ife. May Allah bless you always. (^_^)

Wait, Alif, my new boyfriend..teehee..=p


  1. hehe comel je. but seeing this makes me feel old. huhu.. :'(

  2. No la dear..kita kan awet muda..
    We're look like 17 kan kan.hee..=p
    Age is not a matter.yang penting berjiwa muda.Ceh..hehehe..