Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Patch Adams

Yesterday, I went to my bestie's house. We were planning to play tennis at first. But then, due to some miscommunications ( I thought, we were going to play in the morning and she thought we were going to play in the evening) hehehe.. At the end of the day, we just sat and did the normal routine of a girl. Yeah, precisely! We were chatting and gossiping la.haha.. Then, I went to her laptop and said."I want to take any good movie to watch". After searching which movie that can fit into my pen-drive, I went home happily with a movie titled " Patch Adams".lalala..

So, last night I watched this great movie. All alone by myself.Sobs (Yeah, it was that late) My whole family were all went to bed. This story started with Robbie Williams stars as Hunter Adams went to mental asylum.(As he tried to attempt suicide ) Somehow, in the hospital, patch made the two decisions: to serve humanity through medicine and to never have another the bad day.

When he enters medical school, he acts totally beyond the norm. He can't accept the fact that medical students should only have direct contact with patients in the third year. So, during his second year,he just followed his heart. He visits the hospital frequently.He enlighten all the patients there with his jokes and stupid songs. With his friends, Truman and Carin, he started to build a free hospital called ' Gesundheit Hospital '. Enthusiastically, I started to find the meaning of Gesundheit right after I watched this movie. Semangat kan??haha..It means 'good health'.

Yeah, I forgot to tell you that this movie is based on a true story. This remarkable story has actually came out ten years ago. Darn it! I can't believe I just watched it.So yesterday lah kamu tikah!haha..So, I did read several articles on Patch Adams. His biography, etc etc.What he did to me is a noble thing to do. He is no ordinary doctor. He believes that laughter, joy and creativity is the integral part in the healing process.

Little notes for my bestie>>> Dr Wan Iliana bt Wan Mohd Sulaiman (InsyaAllah..) ^_^
I'm very proud of you dear. Being a doctor has always been your passion. And no doubt, you're going to be one awesome doctor soon! All the best in everything that you do!=)

Yeah, that's us making weird faces..LoL

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  1. Terharu! Thank you darleng. :) LOL! (thats 'the other' LOL meaning. heheh)