Saturday, July 23, 2011

Malaysian Football

Yes, I watch football . What's wrong with that??
Who says woman (I can't believe I use this word instead of a girl) Tetibe nyanyi lagu Britney Spears " I'm not a girl..not yet a woman..." Cewwah..hahaha.. Okay, okay, back to the topic..Slalu je melalut cik tika ni..ngeh3x.. Like I said. I do watch football match. But it depends. I watch if I feel like watching..LOL..But, when I watch. No one seems dare to bother me.I put 200% attention to it.Pastu kalau team yang disokong sumbat gol>>Alamat bergegar la satu rumah..hee..And our team manage to grab my attention lately. I started to follow every tournaments that involving Malaysia's team. I started to act like a sport commentator.haha..

I believe our local football scenario has changed 360'. Our squad has regained its spirit since we won the AFF Suzuki Cup. Our football players seem to show great performance.Malaysian's football fans start to put their trust to the local team. Harimau Malaya has finally showed their power!! Auumm...

One of my friend told me." Kau tau tikah, aku nak beli jersey Malaysia.Boleh pulak habis kan.Dasyat betul la.Takpe, aku sanggup tunggu stock baru." This is the spirit that we want in all Malaysian. Though we have our own favourite international club like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, just to name a few.We should support our Malaysia's team too. .

It's time for us to lead our team to the glory.How can we do that?We can support them whole heartedly .(Bukan bermusim-musim okay. Contoh, asal menang je, baru nak sokong)Eh, tetibe sendiri yang terkebil-kebil.Tanda terasa,hahaha..

They really need our attention and support. So, Harimau Malaya, don't let us down. We've finally see the bright side of the Malaysian football. Let us pray the light will become brighter and we, Malaysian can smile proudly for our local football team.

Perjuangan belum selesai.

Sekian dulu dari saya:Hasbullah Awang..a.k.a tikah..hahaha..

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