Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sweet Schedule

Alhamdulillah, we meet again.I've abandoned this blog quite a few days kan. Been pretty busy lately.Hehs.
But that doesn't stop me to celebrate my best friend's birthday (In my own way of course).

Matching sangat tu ha>>baju+tudung+frame bunga kat belakang tu+the gift =)
I reached Raub early. As early as 8 a.m.Sebab ikut mak pergi kerja kan.I dropped my mum at the hospital and straight away went to her house. She didn't have a clue what were the things that I've planned to do together that day.Hewhewhew..

First destination:
Kitorang pergi kedai emas.Bertemankan mak.Mak nak kawtim dengan cina kedai emas tu nak redesign her ring.

Second destination

Post office.
Masih meneruskan aktiviti anta kad raya.Teehee..

Third destination 
Bank Islam. Konon nak tukar duit untuk peket duita raya.Namun, hampa..Dah habis rupanya. Advanced betul orang-orang kita ni. I can't wait the moment whereI'm the one that will give the duit raya to my family, to all the kids.Next year, InsyaAllah.=)

Forth destination
Hantar mak balik Hospital.

Fifth destination
Rumah anak-anak yatim Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Raub.
Yang ni seriously paling bermakna sekali.=)

The confused driver

Pok guard yang baik hati 
Si Birthday girl berposing siap.hehe
How I miss my old school..Hmm..

Sixth destination
Bridal Boutique.How time flies.
Last destination
We went to the supermarket.You know, buying some groceries to cook for iftar.=)

Sweet Schedule. Bersuka-ria sebelum masuk ke alam yang lebih dewasa. I can't wait to work. But then I don't want to let go any of this activity. Hanging out with your girlfriends.Aww..
I've gotta stop.Till then, bubbye.

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