Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what a day-o day-o

Well, well..I'm officially 24 today* face-palm*
A day that I expect will be a boring and long day turn out to be cool. I'm now sitting comfortably on the armchair here in Shah Alam's main library.Together with my luvly friend, yana.

You know, there'll be time when you're no longer receive any present. Lack of birthday wishes that entered your cellphone.(kat FB banyakla)~which for me, doesn't count. Yela, kalo tak letak D.O.B kat situ, mmg tak la kan org bduyun2 wish.(But I wanna thank those who wish me that day. Especially yang wish direct terus kat hp aku.I'm touched..)Then, I said to myself : Welcome to 24 Atikah. Rupanya ni la tahap umo yang korang akan no longer looking forward to celebrate korang punya birthday. The date just pass by like the ordinary day. Hold on, hold on. Pehal nak touching touching ni tikah oii.. To tell you the truth, I feel kinda emotional. (maybe pasai unbalance hormone ). Pasaipa pulak yang hang beria nak sedih ni tikah.. Orang tak celebrate bday hang tak bermaksud orang tak appreciate hang. Orang tak wish hang tak bermaksud orang tak appreciate hang. Tula manusia.Suka sangat diraikan.But then, it hit me.

Orang yang patut dirai masa birthday kita, supposedly our mum. Yes, our beloved mother. So, celik-celik mata, belum sempat aku nak wish and thanked my mum for giving birth to me dan susah payah besarkan aku, mesej mak dah pun masuk dulu. Mum send her birthday wish to me! Betapa aku terharu.. Owh, mak..Tikah sayang sangat sangat kat mak. Pastu, aku decide takmo sedih sedih. So, on my birthday, aku yang ditemani yana, keluar pergi makan pizza.Yeay!! =p Then, terus gi library Shah Alam.. First time aku spend bday aku dengan cara yang cukup berilmiah.haha..

Dahla, banyak pulak citernya.hehehe..Some of the photos that we manage to snap.=)

yummy..So cheesy...

I just love the soup
sakan bgambar..haha..
best! tcapai hajat nk mkn the chessy pizza!

Thank you so much yana for spending out your time with me on  my  'big day' (yana is the one who come up with this term) hehe.. sayang kamu! You never know how much it means to me.*big hug* 

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