Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's an awesome family vacation!

I just came back from an awesome family vacation trip. Let me remind you first. This entry contains  A LOT of photos. Well, it's up to you then whether you're willing to scroll down and take a look at all the pictas or not. LOL..(^_*)

Makan-makan dulu (Look how happy my mum and I)Hee..

We're waiting for the train to Woodlands, Singapore

The mastermind behind the Trip ^_^ You guys rock!!

Gedik kan? Makan roti canai pun nak pakai spek bagai..Tapi tapi..it's freaking hot..haha..

Macam sesi briefing apa je..haha

in front of the hotel that we stayed

The elephant is sooo brilliant!!


Lunch time!! (How serious my face)

with my cousin>> Abang Izal

The food is quite expensive here

Unfortunately my dad and my bro couldn't join the trip..=(

Kak Wani, my darling sis!! ^_^

I love this pic! Credit goes to my cousin>>Amy for taking up this photo

Aww..love it love it..hahaha..

Charlie Chaplin..Indeed one funny guy he is..

Another favourite photo of mine..hehehe..

Bersila kat Airport


To wrap it up, I love this trip so much!! I had a great time! My cousin want to plan a visit to Korea next year. Better  kumpul duit dari sekarang!! hehehe..

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