Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Craziest Shopaholic

I know, I know..the title might be over the top. What I wanna share with you guys is about..Yeah, you got it right! Shopping la.. apa lagi..hehehe.. I know most of us like shopping (and that obviously including me) LOL. =p Dengan kecanggihan teknologi sekarang, peh ayat..hehe..La ni, tak payah nak susah-susah keluaq pi shopping mall dah. Nak pikiaq jam la, sesak la.. Semuanya ada di hujung jari (macam besa dengaq ja tagline ni) (^_*)/

Just by doing some clicking, you can shop almost anything that you want. From handbags, jeans, blouses,  shoes, shawls and food as well. All you have to do, is just sit back, relax and you can start your favourite activity just by browsing the internet.Yep, as simple as that! Here is the interesting blog shop that you might wanna visit.I can guarantee it will not let you down.=) Selamat bershopping shopaholic!*winking*

Take a look at some of the gorgeous shawls:

Or you can visit and like Cherry Boutique page


  1. U look so adorable at second pic. red colour suit u.

  2. *like rizal hashim's comment* hehehe

  3. Gee..Thank you guys!*blushing* ^_^