Thursday, May 12, 2011

Campbell's soup for sahur??

Good day!!
Owh, it's 1.54a.m and I still haven't go to bed??
What am I thinking??hahaha.. I'm thinking too eat Campbell's soup after this!(for a sahur) wuhhu..!
I'm not sleepy yet.I just watched Nanny McPhee with my brota n sista.
It's a good movie. One of my fav. It never fails to make me laugh-out-loud through out the movie. What a fun movie to enjoy! I found it fascinating how Nanny McPhee got prettier as the movie progressed and spent a great deal of time discussing it with my siblings which of her features had changed, when and why.The movies have lots of great lessons too. *wink2*

Yeah, back to the Campbell's soup thingy. I actually planned to ganti my puasa tomorrow. What we call it in English anyway?whatever..hehe..But the thing is I can't find any other yummy food to eat in my fridge. Yeah, there's eggs waiting for me to pick 'em.." cook us..cook us.."Sorry for the highly imagining things..This is But, you know, I am so darn hardworking at this very kind of hour.ahaks!

Talk about ' the ganti puasa' again..I've 4 more days left.Thank you to my act of procrastination. Yeah know, it is not a good practiced. I don't want to end up to ganti my puasa at the "emergency hour".That's the time when Ramadhan is just around the corner and ya still have several more days to ganti your puasa.hehe..The best way is, just straight away ganti puasa during the Syawal month.(Puasa 6) You'll get the bonus rewards and at the same time you don't have to worry to ganti it the next time aite?=p

So, I, hereby promised to myself to not repeating the act of procrastination again. And this should be applied in any tasks that I was assigned. Peace..^_^..O my.I'm the only one who is still awake in this house.I better stop now. I can already smell the Campbell's soup..

Till we meet again in the next post!

Cheerios everyone!!

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