Saturday, May 21, 2011

Batu Keras

Batu Keras??? Okay, I'm trying to make a stupid joke here. And please laugh. Haha..Atikah, that's is so ridiculous.=p

Okay, now back to the topic. I'm in the intersession period right now. And the very first assignment I was assigned by my lecturer was going to the Hard Rock Cafe.When my lecturer mentioned about the task at the beginning, the whole classes were like.Huh??? Nice one sir. Going to Hard rock Cafe as part of the assignment?Yeah, right..

Then, with a very serious face he said."No, I'm not joking around. You guys are going to Hard Rock Cafe. And I want you present your task this Monday". " I want you to make some research about that really successful operating management business". He added. Yeah, I forgot to tell ya I took operation management subject for the short semester.

from left:Herman, Kuwe, Intan, Nina, Me and Wan

The next thing, me and four of my friends were heading to KL . Luckily, one of my group member bring his car along to Shah Alam.or else we've got to rent a car. As we were entering the business premise, we were entertained by one of the waiter there called 'Herman'. He was a cool person. Without even asking him the questions that we were ready to ask him, he started talking and sharing all the things that we need to know about Hard Rock Cafe.

He said Kuala Lumpur Hard Rock Cafe has been operated 20 years in KL. He even share with us his working experiences. How pack it is at the weekends. We took just an hour to gain all the infos that we need. Then, at 6pm we were saying goodbye to him. And we manage to snap a few photos there. (A few mean just 20-40 photos) hehe..As a proof we were really doing our task. Not just Google it on the internet.hee..=p Google it? haha..Whatever..

Then, we went to Pavilion to dine. I was dying to watch Nur Kasih there. But, the thing is, my friends didn't really into that type of movie. They want to watch Pirates of The Caribbean. Somehow, maybe I was good in persuading people . haha..=p They finally agreed to watch Nur Kasih.. Yahoo..!! I won!! Unfortunately, the ticket was sold out..!! How sad..But,nah. I'm so going to watch it soon..hahaha..( with a wicked laugh)

Owh, I'm getting tired and sleepier.. I better be sleep this very instant. >> I need took wake up early tomorrow. Back to the University of course..Wuarghh..(Yawning)
Till then, cherrioss!!!

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