Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The story

At my workplace the other day, I joined the conversation of my colleagues. Well, I was just the listener. Only sometimes I did interfere.They were talking about their ex-husbands.

Story 1
x : You know what, I remember the story of my craving when I was pregnant.
     I craved for a 'Kenny Roger'. At that time, I was 8 months pregnant.
     Somehow, as my ex-husband just bought a brand new car, he refused to drive me to the nearest 'Kenny
     Roger's restaurant'.
me : Why?
x : Just because he was afraid that he will ruin the car.He didn't want any scratch at that car. Then I had a
     big fight with him in the car. Because of his temper, he left me in the middle of the highway.
me: But you were pregnant...
x: Yes, I walked 500 metres at the highway...Only after that, he stopped and asked me to  get in the car.
me: *speechless*

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