Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The purest heart of all

This entry is the continuation of the previous story

Story 2

I was taken aback when I heard her stories.
I never knew she had been through a lot.All this while I see her as a happy person. She has travelled to many different countries. Her children love her so much. They give her pocket money and bring her to a nice vacation every school break. My perception changed 360 degrees after knowing her stories. I respect and love her more.

x : After what he did to me, I can forgive, but I cannot forget..
y :  Sister, you need to forgive and forget, only then you can live a happy life.
x: Maybe you didn't go through what I did..Maybe your ex-husband was not that abusive to you.

Then, she started to open up her tragic life stories...

When I got married to him, I never knew he is a womaniser. Then, after almost 30 years of our marriage, I started to discover one by one of his bad habits. I remembered I was so shocked as I saw my phone bills went up to 300 dollars. Eventually I found out it was my husband who use my hand phone to make phone calls. He called different women by using  my cellular phone.

Then, at the age of 60, her husband got married to a 21 year-old girl.It was his sixteenth birthday when my friend wanted to wish him. So, she made a phone call. To her surprise, a lady picked up  the call. She said she is the wife of my friend's husband.I just cannot imagine how hurt she was at that time. My friend accept what Allah has planned for her.

Somehow, her husband just treat her very bad. She was not only physically abusive but mentally abusive too. There were times where her husband choked her very hard, she could not eat for almost two weeks. She could not open her mouth because it was too painful. One day, it was raining heavily.My friend went out to buy groceries together with the second wife of her husband. There were a lot of groceries at her hand.But the saddest part was her husband straight away went to the second wife with an umbrella.They walked together leaving her behind.He did not bother about her at all. How sad..I just cannot control my tears when I hear her stories.

After several years, her husband was caught after raping an under-age girl. The girl was pregnant. And you know what my friend did? She pay for the fine and her husband was released. She even took care of that girl and gave her money every month until she deliver her baby. My friend was greatly mistreated by her husband.There was one point when her husband asked for a 'sedaqah' money. Just because my friend was highly paid at that time, he said it was her responsibility to give him money every month. Ow, for you information, her husband did not even worked. How can he has the slightest idea of practising polygamy when he could not even bother to be fair??

That very incident made my friend realize. The man that she loves is already gone. She waited so long for him to change. But the truth is, he will never change. So she decided to file for a divorce. After 1 year, she was officially divorced with her husband.

This lady, who happen to be my friend, I believe is a very kind person. Despite being a cancer patient, she never complain. She is still strong at the age of 70.She said, pray to Allah. Ask Allah for a good life partner.How I admire her courage and will. She has the purest heart of all =')

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