Monday, May 28, 2012

How I met your father

Here I am sitting in the lab. Supposedly I should finish my final testing today.
Somehow, there's a few visitors coming and thanks to them, my work has to be postponed again.Aigooo..
But then, I've decided to make a full use of the internet access. You know, finish the assignment, writing in this blog and definitely browsing any webs that can amused me.Hewhew,..

A few days before coming to the Uni, being so random all of a sudden I asked my mum. " Mum, how did you meet dad?" Normally mum would answer." It's a long story.."Then the conversation just stopped there. But, surprisingly, this time she shared the memories.

How I met your father..Let the stories remained between me and my mum.=) It's no lovey-dovey mushy-mushy kind of stories. Still, it managed to make me smile.

May peace be upon you, you and yes you the one who read this.^_^

Saturday, May 19, 2012

makan sampai demok

rizal+cik tika+zana

geng makannn..

yeah, arini ari makan sedunia.pagi keluar, malam pon keluar makann..
Mari makan sampai gemokk..
Tapi the thing is, berat saya memang sangat2 susah nak naik.
Makanla banyak mana pun.
I guess it's a good thing aite?
No.It's awesome!!hahaha..*gelakbeso*

Thursday, May 10, 2012

tHE aUdiTiOn

Yeay! It’s been a really exciting day today! I’ve went to an audition for the newscaster.^_^ Thanks to Media Prima for coming to UiTM.

I always imagine myself be on a TV. Now that I’ve got the chance to prove my talent, I wait no more. I believe ‘opportunity knocks only once’. So I will never let the opportunity slips away just like that.

Alhamdulillah..I think I did well. I’m not overconfident. I realised, there are a lot more talented candidates out there. Yet, I’m still happy that I dare challenge myself to try. *Pat on my back*hehe..
The Media Prima representative said a really memorable thing that will definitely make me smile broadly every time I recalled about it. He said “ Atikah, no doubt. See you on TV!” ^_^

Here are some of the photos that I can share.
Thanks ezi for accompanying me to the audition!


Ini serious.LoL

Monday, May 7, 2012


After hearing all the miracle stories from my friends who have been to the Tanah Suci, I just cannot wait to go there as well.
I've met one of my my bestie a couple of days ago. The way she shared her umrah story (you know with the sparkling eyes) made me even excited. I'm so happy for her.O Allah, may you grant my wish.

Dia sudah ke mekah.Saya? InsyaAllah..Sangat berharap untuk ke sana satu hari nanti.=)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Lately, it's been difficult enough for me to log in my FB account,
Call me sensitive enough or perhaps I just have a great sense of empathy. I DON'T CARE.
I hate it when they start scribbling things. It really shows their stupidity.
They write without acknowledging other people. They started to curse and write all those bad things about police.
I cannot take it.I simply cannot take it.
For God's sake.
Policemen are just doing their job.
You're bias when sharing the information.
One sided.
Stop provoking and stop posting those preposterous things about the police force,