Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From ipoh with Love

Heyya!! I'm quite surprised at the frequency of me, updating this blog.Maybe because I've like tonnes of free times.Muahaha..But then, to tell you the truth, I'm not that happy with my English. I happen to write a sentence with too many grammatical errors.It must have been due to lack of practices.  Hmm.. So I guess, by writing down my blog (in English) I do not set aside the language that I love (not that I say I don't love my mother tongue) Ptff..

Okay, let's move on to the actual thing that I want to share with you. Last week, as I mentioned in my previous post, I went to my Kampong terchenta, in Perak. Lucky me, I've a cousin that is so talented and have so much passion in photography. Eventually, she asked me whether I want to do some free photo shoots or not. Then, I nodded hysterically.(overreacting me) Ptff... Mestila nak kan. I mean who like to pose like a model. Raise up your hands!! Well, it seems that it's just me??hahaha..Papela Mak Jemah.. * rolled eyes*

So here come the not-so-model looking girl posed as if she was a real model *angkat kening double jerk*

Terasa macam Marry Poppins pulak.hewhewhew..

the lady with da guitar

ala tomei tomei..nama hamster ni Milo.=)

jap jap..dapat ilham lagu baru nih..hahaha..

bajet :The Next Top Models . Bluek

Owh, It's not like London. It's really hot in Malaysia : is what the girl with the  purple umbrella is saying (muntah hijau)

Yeah, she's the one! The talented photographer that I 'm talking about.

meet the nerdy.LoL

That's all for now. Bubbye!! I've got a phone call from Tyra Banks (okay, seriously Tikah, stop it) haha..Daa... 

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