Thursday, April 7, 2011

The DraMa

Okay, I can really take a deep breath.. As a sign of satisfaction and calmness.huahua.. For this semester, my group really end up well. I don't know, maybe the chemistry between us is just there. =)Unlike the last semester group. We were burning the midnight oil just to finish our movie which was just so tiring. Can you imagine, we didn't sleep at all the day before we'd to submit the project!Phew!

I can say I'm satisfied enough with all my group members for their cooperation. And they really are a marvelous actor/actress. About the mastermind behind our drama.. YES, I'm the writer for our story. What makes me so elated is that they really like my script. They straight away accepted it after the first time they read it.Yippee!!hehe.. Owh, am I really that good?haha..Okay ATikah..stop it..

I've captured some of the photos when we were shooting our little film.*wink2*

Guess who's the lead actress?? Yup! 10 marks for you. It's me again..LOL!
There are a lot of picta that I snapped, unfortunately, I've mistakenly deleted it.Hmm..=(
But it's okay. I still have some to share with you guys.No biggie.

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