Thursday, March 10, 2011


cecrite cecrite cecrite..

Meet incik Rizal Hashim

Dinner anak-anak Perak

Though I'm not entirely a perakian (My mum is from Perak). My middle IC no is 06 =p. I can still join this dinner right?Hehehe.. Despite the sumptuous cuisine, the input that I obtained there is really useful. Hoho..the sambal udang is superb!haha..

A Visit to MATRADE

On Mac,9 my friends and I went to MATRADE. There's FUM or stands for Festival Usahawan Muda launched by Malaysia's Prime Minister. It's been a pleasant experience. Though I've to skip a few classes which is so unlike me.The goody-good-girl.Yeah, that's me!LoL!No worriers. We've informed the lecturer's earlier about our absence. But things turned out pretty unexpected later on. Makes me wonder,do we really get the permission from the lecturers. Or perhaps they are not willing enough letting us go there.heehee =p

meet zaty athany

The Trio~Zana+Wani+Asiah

The mascot
Firstly, one of my friend has been approached by a group of GIAT MARA students. Surprisingly, they act as if she's some kind of superstar. They insisted to take a photo with her. Then,when we're enjoying our lunch, all of a sudden one of the wall collapsed just behind us. Just imagine the look that the people at the exhibition gave us!haha..The last incident was, the escalator that we thought was static suddenly moved backwards. Owh my..


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