Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let the memories live again..

Have you ever wonder how is your behaviour when you were a toddler or when you were a kid?Some of your past memories may still be fresh in your mind, and some of it may slipped out from your mind. As far as I remember, I was a pretty energetic or you might call it hyperactive kid. I'd nearly received some stitches on my head due to several unexpected incidents.=p
My grandma likes to share the good -old -days-stories with me. She once said ." You were a very talkative kid. Everyone around you love to sit with you and hear you chattering things all day". My dad said" When we were heading back to kampung when you were about 3-6 year old, you'll keep asking."Abah, bila kita nak sampai kampung ni?"Then my mum and my dad had to answer the same questions over and over again. Owh, am I that talkative?haha..

I want to share some of my photos with you.^_^ To be frankly, it's kinda embarrassing. But, nah~I'm so in-da-mood of uploading photos. LoL! After all, a picture paints a thousand words.

According to my mum,this necklace has been snatched by a man when she bought me to the market one day..Ohho..

With my dearie sista!Angah=)

Look at those happy

faces of mine

When I was in standard 3
P/S: to Minah and Nana,please don't be mad at me for uploading this photo.hehe..

Wee..the yellowish girls..hehehe..

Poem recital competition-look,there's erna!=)

Guess which one is me

love dis very moment..^_^

form 3

My choir mates and I (Afiah+iZatie+ Me)

Sports Day-We're Shahbandar team! and we won..!muhahaha..

LovE them soo much!! *wink2* (wan+erna+me)


Da Mcs

Form 4


ForM 5

UiTM pilah mates

Yeah..victory is soo sweet..! I won the public speaking competition =)

Second runner up for SUKOL-Tennis tournament

(miss ya mar n iza)

To be continued. I shall post more stories+more photos later on.Till then, daa..=)


  1. man:Yg pkai tdung, berdiri.=p
    farah:So do u darling..btw, thank u!=)