Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just read another remarkable masterpiece from Hlovate.Yes, versus is the title.It's about the battle. The hardest battle is when you're against yourself. A versus through and through. By all the senses and meanings of the world. It's about the journey of a girl~Minn Edina or was known as Ed'Sassin of Wrath. Fate lead her to meet AO or Asyraff Omar as her mentee for a mini project.

The transformation from Ed'Sassin to Minn really fascinate me. I'd love to pick a quote in the novel "you'll never reach perfection because there's always room for improvement. Yet all the way to perfection, you'll learn to get better". And how AO changed to Asyraff impressed me too.I realize, to make that kind of transformation or hijrah requires a lot of sacrifices. I always pray to Allah. Give me the courage to change myself towards a better person.Aamin..

What I love about this story is, the bonding between Minn and her siblings~ Ked and Che'E. Ked is her eldest brother while Che'E is her little sister. Ked which she called Along is a really cool and sporting brother I must say. He is so protective and understanding too. Minn can share almost anything with him. As they have the same interest in skateboarding, they always discuss which trick that they like, which professional skateboarder that they love. The scene when Hlovate describe the three siblings are watching the skateboarding tournament together, is really close to me.I crack a smile while reading this very part. I've always longing to have that kind of brother. But since I am the eldest, I'm the one that should play a role as the cool Along for my beloved siblings.=)

Another sweet part in this story is when Minn has already became AO's wife.One day, AO asked his beloved wife to go skateboarding with him. They went out at dawn. How romantic! They are free to do anything.Playing, joking around. Ao even hugs his wife from the back. After all, they are married couple. My mind started to picture, how happy it is to share that kind of moment with your loved ones..hmm..=)

There's nothing more I can say. I just love Hlovate's work.Full of great messages.Inspire me and make me look at the life from a different perception. Kudos to Hlovate! You've done a splendid job!*winking*

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