Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anya Sayo..

Anya Sayo!! Eceh, tetibe.
Yesterday, on my way back from KL to Bentong, I met one interesting lady. She happened to sit next to me. Her conversation with two other person next to her, grabbed my attention. She's a Korean! Being the most excited man on earth, I immediately greeted her. Anya Sayo!!

She was surprised and said " How did you know I'm a Korean?"
It was too obvious for a Korean dramas/movies and anything related to their places and cultures lover like me. ahak ahak. From that very moment, we started to chat and share our stories. She's a very pretty and nice lady. She asked me whether I do mind sharing our seats to one boy (I think he's age is around 6/7 years old) or not. I answered abruptly. I didn't mind at all.

It was raining heavily outside the bus and that Korean lady and me keep on exchanging our views and stories. She even asked me. " You are so pretty. Are you an actress?" Whoa. I was like berbonga-bonga riang di hati. Kembang sataman dah. Hahaha..Then I replied " No, it's you who look like an actress. You're so pretty and nice too". She smiled sheepishly while saying thank you. But she still insisted."No, you are seriously beautiful dear.." Her next sentenced really startled me. " And I like your teeth." I was dumbfounded. I didn't expect that. My teeth?? LoL.. Having said that, aku memang tak putus-putus gelak dengan senyum masa berborak dengan dia ni. She is one funny lady.Here are some of the conversations that we had: Aha, I forgot to tell ya her name is Kay.

Kay: Which Korean actor do you like the most?
Me: Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi.
Kay: Oo..I love them too..Have you watched ' City Hunter'?
Me: I 've watched it and I love that drama so much (makin excited)
Kay: Do you know, Lee Seung Gi is coming to KL.
Me: Yeah, unfortunately I haven't got the chance to go to his concert. I'm working..
Kay: Working? Do you mind if I ask you how old are you actually?
Me: I'm 24.
Kay: O really? You look like a 16 year-old girl dear.
Me: (melting and senyum kambing) Dalam hati " Why are you being so sweet to me..hehehe..

Let me share with you about Kay. She's actually been living to KL for the past 10 years. When I asked her why did she choose Malaysia out of all other countries, she said she loves Malaysia. She loves the surrounding here, she likes Malaysian people and most importantly, she said one of the reason why she chose to settle down here is because she feel secure and safety.Hmm..interesting enough to know ha?

I even get to know that many tourist from Korea pay a visit to Malaysia during winter season in Korea. According to Kay, the elderly people there cannot stand the cold weather. So, when winter arrives, they will have a long vacation at the nearest countries like Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore just to name a few. AND normally they will stay for about 2-3 months here until Korea has embark into spring season. She even told me that Korean are crazy about golf. So, they always come to Selesa Hillhomes, Bentong as it is cheap, peaceful and beautiful too. Menarik kan?

Selesa Hillhomes.^_^
She shared some of the beauty tips that Korean ladies like to practice. Baru aku tau, dorang ni amalkan makan cili besar (warna ijau) sekurang-kurangnya sebiji sehari. Tu adalah untuk elakkan kedut-kedut kat muka. Rasanya dua hari tak habis kalau nak karang cerita apa yang kitorang share. Thank you though for reading this entry. That's what I love the most about traveling. You'll meet interesting people with interesting stories in between the journey.

Ehe, lupa nak cerita. She has a 25 year old son. I bet her son must be handsome though.muehehe..
Kitorang bertukar-tukar number phone jugak. If she wanna visit my house, I'll be very happy indeed.

Till then, take care dear blogger.
May peace be upon you.=)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Garam Masala

Kepala aku dah macam garam masala sekarang.
Bercampur aduk macam-macam benda.
Happy things.
Terrifying moments.
It all mix up together.Just like garam masala.

Aku doakan yang terbaik je.
Kan orang cakap, beginning is always the hardest part.
So, don't ever give up.
Things don't get easier in life.We're the one who gets stronger.
That's how the Almighty has perfectly planned for us.
Allahu Akbar!

Semoga aku dan kau kuat.
Cukup kuat nak tempuh dugaan hidup yang bukan mudah.
Hidup berpaksikan Allah, insyaAllah indah.=)